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Wheel Bearing Sounds

wheel bearing sounds
    wheel bearing
  • A bearing or bearing assembly located at each wheel allowing the wheel to spin around the axle with minimal wear and friction. Front wheel bearings are contained within the hub, and are sometimes integral to the hub. A wheel bearing set consists of an inner and outer bearing.
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wheel bearing sounds - Elite AVCS
Elite AVCS Single Professional Audio, Video, Projector or Computer Rolling Case
Elite AVCS Single Professional Audio, Video, Projector or Computer Rolling Case
The Porter Elite AVCS AV Case was designed to accommodate any one of 150 LCD projectors and many other AV or PC related hardware and accessories. With ?" high density foam pad in the bottom and a 17.5" X 13.25" padded outer ring, semi rigid adjustable divider and a choice of foam for the lid it will really protect your precious hardware from damage when on the road.
As with all PC II Porter Case models the AVCS Elite has new 4" ball bearing wheels, a foam pad under the 42" extension handle, combination lock, side strap handle, and more. The Elite AVCS instantly converts into a heavy duty cart to carry up to 200 pounds (90 kg) of other equipment on top.
It also fits under most airline seats and/or overheads to help the professional traveler to protect their investment.

85% (15)
Soft Shoulder
Soft Shoulder
Sometimes getting the right shot takes a lot of planning, good equipment and a lot patience…Sometimes, though it just takes a nothing more than a little luck. And if luck is often elusive, sometimes you just have to ask for it. A very good friend of mine recently asked me how I got the “Soft Shoulder “shot of the Grizzly bear in my photo section on another web page. I told her I simply asked for it. However, there were a string of events and special circumstances that needed to occur before I could ever be put in the right spot for the shot first. Semi blind-luck got me into Denali National Park in the first place with a road lottery pass days before the park officially closes. (The “semi-blind” refers to the point that we have to at the very least put ourselves in a position initially to even be open to luck in the first place. That is, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t at least buy a ticket.) This road-pass allows me and a few other lucky souls to drive anywhere I want in the park alone and pick and choose my spots to stake out while the rest of the park was closed to the general public. Now I was not lucky enough to actually win a lottery ticket for myself the conventional way, despite sending in more than my share of entries. I had a few days left over after I flew out of the Katmai peninsula photographing the coastal bears, a much larger cousin of these inland grizzlies. I had hit the jackpot there and if I had seen nothing more than a few ground squirrels for the rest of the trip, I would have still been thrilled and able to practically fly home to LA with out the help of the a jet airplane. I was walking on air and I thought it was worth taking my chances in Denali even with out a pass into a closed park. After all, now I was playing with house money so I packed up the car and headed north for the 4 hour scenic drive. When I arrived at the Perch, a little place I used to stay to visit a friend in the past, I immediately headed to the restaurant to see if there were any people who may be lounging around to say hello to. A week alone in Katmai and I was ready for some human company and blueberry pancakes. There was one older couple drinking coffee and it wasn’t too long before they asked me where I rolled in from. After a little idle chit chat, I told them I planned on going to the gate in the morning to look pathetic as possible and possible hitch a ride into the park They said I didn’t have to do that because they had an extra lottery ticket and had no need for it. I couldn’t believe my luck and wanted to hug the both of these old folks so hard but I was afraid I might hurt them. They were happy to see how much it lit me up and turned me into kid at Christmas and settled for a handshake and a free cup of coffee. I offered them more and would have paid a kings ransom for it, but they were having none of it. It was as if the sun was just following me around every corner. I have eluded to my spirituality and feeling of overall connection to the Earth in past blogs in places like this. I can’t help but think that my senses of awareness are heightened and that someone is really listening to me here. The presence I feel here in Alaska is undeniable and just can’t be felt to this degree in any man made structure I’ve been in yet. It is said that the Aborigines are so in tuned with their environment that they simply ask it for food, water or shelter when they need it and somehow they find their way to it or the other way around. To a lesser degree, I feel the same connection to this land and often ask for something I’d like to see. Somehow, someway I stubble across it or visa-versa. I know the park pretty well and Sable Pass is the place to see Grizzlies. Of course there are no guarantees, but the odds definitely go up there. As I drove slowly through the pass there were no signs anywhere and decided to pull the car over. There happened to be a soft shoulder sign and pulled right up in front of it. I closed up all the windows, locked up the car, packed up the camera gear and set off across the spongy tundra. When I hit a big wild blueberry patch, I thought it would make a good place to sit tight and see what crossed my path out here. Besides even though the berries were a bit on the sour side, it gave me something to nibble on while I waited. A very dark single cloud formed directly over me and it began to pour. As I looked around the valley, it dawned on me that it was only raining on the area where I was. Sun drenched the rest of the valley and mountains. I thought maybe my luck was changing and hunched over my camera to keep it dry. It was amusing though to me that this lone cloud found its way directly above me and just let loose. It wasn’t long until a complete rainbow extended from one side to the other. I began to shoot pictures of it and began to think the shots would need something else to really capture the magic of this park. I asked myself “why not?” I looked directly up in the rain
The end of the Galloping Goose Trail
The end of the Galloping Goose Trail
This could very well have been the last photograph I ever took. It was just beyond here -- near Old wolfe Creek -- that a large. black bear attempted to attack me while riding my bicycle. In hind-sight, I guess it was just luck the bear didn't attack me here when I stopped on the way outbound. 57km Gate GGT N48°29.973', W123°42.609 TMI Wednesday, June 30, 2010, I cycled 17km roundtrip on the Galloping Goose Trail (GGT) from Sooke Potholes up to the CRD's Watershed gate (approximatley at the 57km location). while I cycled Bernice walked the GGt in the vicinity of The Land Concervency (TLC) Campground which is open for the season. You know you're having a good day when you can outrun an attacking bear. That's exactly what happened on my way back. I'd seen bear scat on the trail near Old Wolfe Creek bridge which is not uncommon. As I continued my ride to the end of the trail I had an ovewhelming sense there were bears in my immediate vicinity. So strong was this sense, that I decided not to go down to the Deep Pool to eat my lunch -- which is my habit -- but instead, leave the area immediately and head back to the POtholes. No sooner had I started back down the trail when I saw two black bears meandering down the trail about 300m ahead going in the same direction as me. Wow! What to do? I had to go past where they were in order to get back to where I started. I remembered from television coverage of bear attacks one should make lots of noise and make oneself appear as larg as possible. Thus, I yelled very load and watched the two bears run off the trail to my righthand side and dissapear in the bush. What to do next? I still had to ride past where they were and I had no idea if they would return to the trail or just keep going through the bush. There was always the chance these two bears were not the only ones here. Aniticipating a worst-case scenario, I concluded my only safety would be in my speed. The trail was downhill to where the bears were and to where the GGT crosses the Old Wolfe Creek bridge. I started cycling as fast as I could, reaching an estimated speed of 30km/per/hour. As I reached the other side of the bridge, a large, black bear charged at my bike from the bush on the righthand side of the trail. When I saw him his head was no more than a metre from my right leg. He was going almost as fast as I was but at an angle to my direction. I stood up on the pedals and peddled like hell! Thank God for my new bike! With its light weight and 29-inch wheels it vastly outperforms my old ride -- and the bear. I didn't look back nor stop pedalling until the next bear appeared ahead of me. Again, I yelled at the top of my voice and continued full-speed toward it. This bear was entering The Clearing at its northeastern edge. This bear was smaller then the one attempting to attack me and was probably a female. It got spooked and ran across the trail and dissapeared out-of-sight in the bush to the righthand side. None of these four bears made any sound during this whole ordeal. I'll probably never go up the GGT this far again and definitely not when I'm alone. That's enough bear stories to last me for a while.

wheel bearing sounds
wheel bearing sounds
New Excellent Performance (PELICAN) 1650 020 110 1650 CASE (ELECTRONICS-OTHER) High Quality