Baking soda blasting equipment delaware. Second hand dental equipment.

Baking Soda Blasting Equipment Delaware

baking soda blasting equipment delaware
    soda blasting
  • Sodablasting is a process where sodium bicarbonate is applied against a surface using compressed air. An early use was to restore the Statue of Liberty in the late 1980s.
  • (Soda Blasted) A material used in place of sand when sandblasting. Soda is similar to sand, but is not as abrasive and does not warp thin sheet metal.
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baking soda blasting equipment delaware - Eastwood Soda
Eastwood Soda Blaster - Blast - Blasting Paint Removal
Eastwood Soda Blaster - Blast - Blasting Paint Removal
Removes paint without harming sheet metal
Soda blast with as little as 10cfm at 90 psi
100 lb capacity hopper
8' blast hose with deadman valve
Converts between soda and aggressive abrasive blasting
Commercial soda blasters use high air volume, the Eastwood soda blaster only requires 10-25 cfm at 90-125 psi. Sturdy all steel welded top- loading hopper & pressure gauge. Rolls easily to job site. Readily converts between Soda and aggressive abrasive blasting with included parts. Requires an air compressor and media that is not included.
Soda Blasting Uses:
Automotive and Marine
Remove paint without harming body
Safe on fiberglass, plastic, rubber, and glass
Degrease and clean engine parts
Building and Maintenance
Graffiti removal
Masonry cleaning
Mold remediation
Fire damage restoration

77% (9)
Allen Telescopes Soda Blasting
Allen Telescopes Soda Blasting
Being entirely too shiny, the telescopes are currently being "soda blasted". Kindof like sand-blasting, only more rat-packy.
Hat Creek Radio Observatory Soda Blasting
Hat Creek Radio Observatory Soda Blasting
Soda blasting primary surfaces to make them less optically reflective.

baking soda blasting equipment delaware
baking soda blasting equipment delaware
ALC Soda Blast Abrasive - 20-Lbs., Model# 40127
The ALC Soda Blast Abrasive is an environmentally friendly abrasive designed for use in soda blast equipment. It is a crystallized version of baking soda that is an alternative to using harsh chemical stripping agents. Soda blast abrasive is excellent for stripping paint off vehicles, boats or other restoration projects. Will not damage glass, chrome or rubber and can be used for all general cleaning jobs. Ideal for cleaning an engine compartment or other equipment. Soda will not pit or warp metal surfaces and offers easy cleanup by just washing away with water. U.S.A. Application: Blasting media, Material Type: Bicarbonate, Capacity (lbs.): 20

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