The mountainous country of Afghanistan has never reached a true prosperous state as it is patterned with the fate of civil unrest and warfare. From the time of Alexander the Great's attempted conquest to the war occurring right now, this landlocked country remains in turmoil. Join us as we investigate these foreign affairs and come to better understand this country and how its existence affects ours. 

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"Life without Liberty is far worse than death."

- Hamid Karzai, current president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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fficial Website of 
Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai: 
Office of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 

Official Website of Afghanistan's Parliament:

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Is it not a sad state of affairs when this...                                                        ....turns into this?

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Picture on right: "Kabul In Ruins." kabul-in-ruins.gif. Web. 13 Jul 2011. <http://bazyar.net/kabul-in-ruins.gif>.

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Sanctuary (Opening) by Utada Hikaru