136days until
the 38th Fourth Street Festival

ll Artist Information

The festival was recently rated in the top 50 shows in the country by the Art Fair SourceBook.

The 2014 Fourth Street Festival of the Arts & Crafts is using Zapplication.org online application process, the jurying for this year's show is now open

Award Amounts

Best of Show $750.00
First Place 2-D $500.00   First Place 3-D $500.00
Second Place 2-D $300.00   Second Place 3-D $300.00
Third Place 2-D $150.00   Third Place 3-D $150.00

Wait List Information

For artists who were notified of being on the festival wait list: As cancellations occur we may contact you and offer a booth space. Cancellations will be filled by wait listed applicants with the highest jury scores within the canceled category.  

Please note, we are unable to respond to any inquiries regarding wait list status.   

(check your show packet at check-in for final updates)

Hotel and Other Information about Bloomington

We have made arrangements with local hotels for discounted rates for stays during this year's show and will email (via Zapp) that info to accepted artists.  If you have not received an email, please let us know and we will resend that info. 

See the Map & Directions page on this site.


All festival artists are located on 4th Street between Lincoln and Dunn. Most artists have one booth side exposed due to 5 foot walkways located between some booths.

Booth numbers and show layout will be posted online (at www.4thstreet.org) a week before the show.


Artist Check-in will be at 4th St. and Grant St. on Friday evening between 7 and 9 pm.

Saturday check in will be between 6:00 and 7:30 am at the Information Booth at 4th St. and Grant St.  Artists must be checked in by 7:30 am or their booth will be forfeited.

During show hours the Information booth will be at 4th St. and Grant St.

All participants must check in with ID prior to set up.


At check in you will receive a parking pass that MUST be displayed in your windshield before entering Fourth Street to unload. 

All vehicles will enter 4th Street from the west heading east. Artists in the block between Dunn and Indiana should enter from Dunn. Artists in this block will also be encouraged to park in the parking lots immediately to the north and south of this block to unload and hand cart to their booths. Dunn Avenue will be closed to traffic during show hours, but will be open Friday night during set up.

The right (south side) lane will be for unloading. The left lane will be open for vehicles entering and leaving. DO NOT BLOCK THE LEFT LANE TO UNLOAD. After unloading, please be considerate of other artists and move your vehicle before setting up. 

All vehicles must be off the street by 10 pm Friday and 9 am Saturday and Sunday.

At check in you will be advised as to the best place to unload. For some, this may mean the parking lots behind their booths, as opposed to unloading in the street.  

Please keep your booth neat and safe at all times. No open flames or generators are permitted. 

Sidewalks behind your booth and designated walkways between booths must be kept clear at all times for pedestrian traffic.

Your display and merchandise must be contained within your booth space.


Please visibly display your Exhibitor Parking permit on your dashboard. 

Parking can be found on 4th Street, west of Grant, in the bank lot. No oversized vehicles are allowed. 

Additional parking is available 4th and Washington and 4th and Walnut streets and the garage located at 4th and Walnut. 

Indiana University has graciously agreed to let artists park in the lots on the north and south side of 4th Street between Indiana Avenue and Dunn Avenue during the show.  Artists may park in these lots from 5 p.m. Friday until Sunday at 9.m. as long as we comply with a few rules. We are welcome to use these lots during the show under the following conditions: 

All exhibitors must display their parking permit containing their booth number and cell phone number in the front window of their vehicle.  

Vehicles must be parked within the lines of designated parking spaces in the lots. This means if you have a trailer, and wish to park in an IU lot, you must unhook your trailer and park within a designated space. 

There are no artist vehicles allowed in the reserved spaces along the north side of the north parking lot.  These are indicated with "reserved for permit #” signage.  

Violations of these rules will jeopardize future usage of the lots and your participation in the Fourth Street Festival.  Please abide by these rules.  



Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm


Judging will take place from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturday.

Please place the enclosed booth number sign in plain view, at the front, right of your booth. A colored dot will be placed on your Fourth Street sign after they view your work. Winners will be announced at the Awards Banquet.


You are responsible for collecting, reporting and remitting the state sales tax of 7% on all retail sales. For information call or write the Indiana Department of Revenue, 100 N. Senate St., Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Name Badges

Please help us keep the booth fees low by returning your name badge to volunteers at the end of the show.

Standards Committee

Saturday morning you will be visited by volunteers who will be comparing your work and booth with the images that you submitted in your ZAPP entry. 


If you or your customer needs the service of an ATM machine, there is one located in the lobby of the Old National Bank on Kirkwood Ave. and Lincoln St. Other banks on Kirkwood have them available as well.


T-shirts for artists will be available for purchase (discounted by $5 from the regular retail price) during check in on Friday evening.


New this year: we are working with an installation artist to create a large installation on Dunn St. between Kirkwood and 4th streets.

In addition, there will be music performers in the entertainment area on the south end of 4th and Grant and there will be a Spoken Word Stage on the south block of 4th and Dunn.  The children’s booth and community arts booth will be on the north end of 4th and Grant streets.  These events will occur through out both days of the festival.


There will be bagels and doughnuts available on Saturday morning at the information booth. Although there are no food booths in the Festival, you will find some of the finest restaurants and cafes in Bloomington along 4th, Grant, Kirkwood Streets and the immediate festival area. Restaurants on site are indicated on your Exhibitor map.


We are working to line up booth sitters for the lunch hours. Check at the Information booth for availability.


In addition to the portalets located on 4th Street at both Grant and Dunn, there are public restrooms in the Trinity Episcopal Church located on Kirkwood Ave. and Grant St., and the Public Library across from the Church on Kirkwood.


Exhibitors and their helper are invited to our gala Awards Banquet.  It will be held at the United Methodist Church located at 600 west 6th St. A map is included in the day of show packet. Arrive no sooner than 6:30 pm and please wear your name badges. There is plenty of parking behind the church.


Security is provided throughout the hours of the show (day and night). Also, this year ALL of the streets within the show area will be closed to vehicle traffic for the duration of the show.

Please note that the show is in a very populated downtown residential and business area. Please secure your work. The Fourth Street Festival, Inc. will not be responsible for any damage or theft to any booth, fixtures or merchandise left overnight. The decision to leave anything is totally your decision and risk.


This year we will be using Survey Monkey to collect information from artists about the show.  We will contact you within a week or two of the event.


Please leave your booth area clean of rubbish. No vehicles will be allowed on the streets until they are clear of pedestrian traffic. As with the setup, 4th Street will become ONE WAY with traffic flowing from east to west. We ask people to be considerate.

Break down your display before bringing in your vehicle. Anyone abusing these common sense rules will not be allowed into future shows.

We hope you have a profitable and enjoyable event. We have worked diligently to provide a showcase for fine art and craft in Indiana, and are proud to have you with us.

Thank you from the Fourth Street Festival Committee