Group Clothing

4th St Albans Scout Group clothing is now available - we have purple cotton t-shirts and hoodies in all sizes with the new Scout logo. As you can see, they look pretty good!
You'll have the opportunity to buy them once a term using OSM and will receive an email with details. We will order only what is requested so they'll take a few weeks to arrive and be given out at meetings. 
Despite the fact the logo says 'Scouts', this refers to the Scout family and  Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders and Adult Leaders/Section Helpers/Supporters will all have the same design. 
The hoodies have a front pocket 'pouch' and the adult sizes have drawstrings on the hood. 

When can they be worn?

The t-shirts and hoodies could be worn:

- on activity days
- at camp 
- under or over uniforms during weekly meetings
- when you are told the usual full uniform is not required
- as everyday wear (outside of Scouting!)

We hope all members will want to have the t-shirts - Beavers and Cubs may like to have them if they usually take their jumpers off during meetings (instead of the blue/green polo-shirts they currently wear), and the same for Scouts when they remove their shirts during meetings. Scouts may also like to have hoodies to wear over their shirts in winter.  

Beavers and Cubs should still have their official blue/green jumpers but could have a hoodie to wear on non-uniform events, camps, or just socially when they want to feel proud of being a Scout! 

What do they cost?

Youth T-Shirt - £5.00
Youth Hoodie - £12.50

(Size in years old: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13)

Adult T-Shirt - £6.00
Adult Hoodie - £14.50 

(Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL)

Scroll down for more details on sizing.. you could maybe measure an existing item of clothing that fits. We ordered some samples but don't have every size, so please go between sizes as necessary.

T-Shirt sizing

 Size   Chest width (armpit to armpit!)      Length (from neck to hem)  Cost
 3-4 years old    £5
 5-6 years old  39cm  49cm  £5 
 7-8 years old  42cm              55cm  £5
 9-11 years old  43cm  59cm  £5
 12-13 years old  46cm              66cm  £5
 S (35/37”)  48cm   70cm  £6
 M (38/40”)  51cm  68cm  £6
 L (41/43”)  57cm   75cm  £6
 XL(44/46”)  59cm  72cm  £6
 66cm  76cm  £6



Hoodie sizing  

 Size   Chest width (armpit to armpit!)      Length (from neck to hem)  Cost
 3-4 years old    £12.50
 5-6 years old  41cm  45cm  £12.50
 7-8 years old  42.5cm  50cm  £12.50
 9-11 years old  46cm  54cm  £12.50
 12-13 years old  47cm              63cm  £12.50
 S (36")  52cm  63cm  £14.50
 M (40")  57cm  67cm  £14.50
 L (44")   60cm  72cm  £14.50
 XL (48")  67cm               74cm  £14.50
 2XL (52")      £14.50