Truck Tire Size Explanation

truck tire size explanation
  • (explanatory) serving or intended to explain or make clear; "explanatory notes"; "an explanatory paragraph"
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    tire size
  • Tire code or Tyre code - Automobile tires are described by an alphanumeric code, which is generally molded into the sidewall of the tire. This code specifies the dimensions of the tire, and some of its key limitations, such as load-bearing ability, and maximum speed.
  • (Tire sizing) Plus sizing is the practice of changing a specific tire to a larger size while compensating with reductions in other aspects of the tire's size so that the new tire has the same diameter and circumference as the original tire to prevent any changes in speedometer accuracy, torque
  • (Tire sizing) The correct way to read a tire size, xxx/yyRzz: x represents the tire’s tread width, in millimeters; y represents the height, which is a percentage of the width (it is also called the ‘aspect ratio’); R stands for ‘radial,’ which is the standard design for all modern tires; z
  • an automotive vehicle suitable for hauling
  • convey (goods etc.) by truck; "truck fresh vegetables across the mountains"
  • Barter or exchange
  • hand truck: a handcart that has a frame with two low wheels and a ledge at the bottom and handles at the top; used to move crates or other heavy objects

"The more minimal the art, the more maximum the explanation."
"The more minimal the art, the more maximum the explanation."
Axel Dahlstroms torg, Gothenburg. Quote by Hilton Kramer. (View on black recommended)
Explanation Table
Explanation Table
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truck tire size explanation
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