4th Of July Tire Sale

4th of july tire sale
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1956 Citroën 2CV
1956 Citroën 2CV
Seen at Imperial Palace Auto Collection, Las Vegas, Nevada, over the Fourth of July weekend 2010, and for sale for $35,000. The 2CV is the car that put France on wheels. Equipped with a 2-cylinder engine and a 4-speed manual transmission, this example can be driven at 60 MPH and can run 60 miles on a gallon of gasoline. It is also touted as being reliable, something that cannot be said of most other French cars. A key characteristic of the 2CV was a very soft suspension system that allowed farmers to transport eggs to local produce markets without breaking them. The narrow tires also allowed the 2CV to dig into mud and snow on France's poor postwar roads to get added traction. Of course, these provisions mean a tradeoff - poor cornering - but postwar France needed a simple car everyone could easily drive, not a performance car. The 2CV had a long production run much like its German counterpart Volkswagen Beetle; introduced in 1948, the 2CV remained in production until 1990. A small number entered the US in the 1960s when Citroen had official US distribution network, though this example is a European model.
Lincoln Continental Mark II - Fourth of July, 2006, Montclair, NJ
Lincoln Continental Mark II - Fourth of July, 2006, Montclair, NJ
Every Independence Day, the town of Montclair, New Jersey, holds a parade with several antique and classic cars in the procession. After the parade, the cars are displayed in Edgemont Memorial Park, where people can see them up close. Here's the first of the many pictures I took at this year's festivities. :-) This is a 1957 Lincoln Continental Mark II, which, unlike the Marks of the '70's and early 80's, is a true luxury car with real elegance. For one thing, the spare tire bulge is real! :-D Ford used the finest materials and most accurate craftsmanship in developing and building this car. Sales were limited to only the most stupendously wealthy buyers, however, as it was simply too costly at. . . $10,000. A lot of money in 1957, to be sure. (By comparison, a base '68 Continental Mark III cost about $6500 new .)

4th of july tire sale
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