You *must* have a signed permission slip to stay after school for tutorials. 
Please click on the permission slip attached to print. 

Tutorials are given weekly in every subject
on specific days from 2:30-3:00
Monday: ELA & Enrichment
Tuesday: Math & Social Studies
Thursday: Science

A separate permission slip is required for each session. For your convenience, two slips will print on one sheet of paper. 

Please note: The permission slip must be turned in no later than 7:40am on the day of the session. Teachers must be aware of how many students are staying in order to effectively plan for their tutorials. Your child is responsible for remembering to stay after school for the tutorial. Please be sure to read and follow any special stipulations noted on the schedule. Tutorials happen weekly throughout the year starting the third week of school. We do not hold tutorials the last two weeks in December or during the month of May.