Blue Christmas

posted Dec 13, 2019, 8:32 AM by David A-S
Image result for religious christmas clipart black and whiteDecember 18th at 7:30pm Over the years, many have communicated to me in hurt tones that Christmas is hard.  For various deeply held reasons, they just couldn’t meet the joy of the festive season.  Sometimes it is the loss of a loved one who used to sit beside them in worship.  Sometimes it is the depression that consumes them in the winter.  Sometimes it is due to familial, political, or economic issues.  There are many other reasons.  Sadly, they feel most alone at this time.


 Churches around the world have created these services to acknowledge lament in an intimate, musical, and prayer filled setting, while simultaneously rallying around the essential Christmas truth: ‘A light shines in the darkness, which cannot be overcome’ (John 1).