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Pastor's remarks

Grace to you from our good and loving God.

 The sign affixed to our church boldly states that we aspire to be ‘a house of prayer for all nations’ (Isaiah 56:7). Those are awfully big and holy words for a little church in Brooklyn. Yet, we pray that we may somehow exemplify them, not only because the people within our church family represent five continents, but also because we feel that it is God’s call for us to be a reconciling and unifying force in a world and city that are increasingly divided. 


We believe faith is about the head and the heart, the soul and the hands, tears and laughter, charity and justice, inreach and outreach. We are guided by our worship, study, and prayer.  In the fifteen years that I have been here the Spirit has led us in new directions (starting a youth group, volunteering at a local Soup Kitchen, and hosting a CSA) and in continued directions (the seniors still joyously gather, the food pantry continues to offer a significant resource, and the congregation is forever marked by mutual concern).

We invite you to participate in the worship and service life of our church.  Come and journey with us!

Peace be with you,

Rev. David Aja-Sigmon