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Ladies Comfort Bicycles

ladies comfort bicycles
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almost brand new bike for ladies $65
almost brand new bike for ladies $65
This bicycle is very beautiful and very comfortable to ride and furthermore, this is almost brand new. I bought it last September and just used it for five month. It is very good in shape. Actually I would like to bring it with me but it is impossible for me. I will move out soon. I exchanged to a better saddle and fixed a basket at the front of the bicycle so that it is very comfortable to ride on. It cost about $200 including a basket and a comfortable saddle (The bicycle itself cost 159.00 plus tax). I would like to sell from $65. If you are interested in, e-mail me. -Bicycle details- Type: Schwinn 26”Ladies’ Link Steel comfort Frame with front suspension ensures a comfortable and smooth ride 21-speed shimono TX-31 rear Derailleur Allows for quick shifting action SRAM Grip shift shifters for easy gear changes Alloy liner pull brakes stop precisely
Free Spirit Bicycle For Sale
Free Spirit Bicycle For Sale
An old Free Spirit Bicycle for Sale. Made of steal, this is a ladies comfort bicycle designed for casual riding. Has very large reflectors for safety, mud guards on both wheels, and a metal rack on the back. The Free Spirit brand was a part of Sears, and the bicycle was purchased at Sears.

ladies comfort bicycles