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Bicycle Track Wheels

bicycle track wheels
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bicycle track wheels - Origin8 Track
Origin8 Track Attack Wheels BLACK Fixed Gear Deep V
Origin8 Track Attack Wheels BLACK Fixed Gear Deep V
Includes- 2 Origin8 Track Attak Wheels (1 Front, 1 Rear)
Hubs - Formula/Origin8 High Flange Sealed Bearing Rear Flip-Flop Fixed/Fixed 32h
Spokes - DT Swiss Champion 2.0mm, DT Swiss Brass Nipples
Rims - Weimann/Origin8 Track Attak 700c w/non-machined 41.8mm sidewalls 32h
Lacing - Front:3x, Rear:3x

Get your hands on these awesome wheels now! This wheelset is great for many fixed gear/single speed applications. The Origin8 Track Attak Rims are deep, durable and aerodynamic. The Origin8/Formula hubs are tough as nails with high flanges for a classic, old-school look. The rear hub is flip-flop so you can change between cog and freewheel or just change gearing by flipping the wheel over. These hubs also feature sealed cartridge bearings and can be set up for 120mm, 126mm, and 130mm frames (126mm and 130mm available with the purchase of axle spacers below). The DT Swiss Champion spokes offer an optimum strength to weight ratio. These are a good pick for riders of all sizes and shapes!

Please note, there's a running change on these rims with a smaller sticker logo replacing the logo pictured. There's no change to the rims themselves or the color.

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the end is near.
the end is near.
i promise these are the last of my bike check type photos. new velocity wheels since last pictured. new toe clips (who cares?) and new gearing. 46:14. maybe new forks around the end of the summer. i'm not too worried though the ones i'm running have been doing me fine.
Bicycle tracks
Bicycle tracks
Tracks from both a front and back wheel of a bicycle, where the rider has turned slightly.

bicycle track wheels