Welcome to my new site. It's just a place where I can post my projects, rants, and random stuff I find on the net.

Feb 19: While waiting for my Adam to arrive, I decided to dabble in the dark-arts...also known as the iPhone.

Feb 10: An Adam for me! Click here for more.

Feb 5: Found an in-depth review of the Adam. Still waiting  for Notion Ink to resume taking orders.

July 30: Testing out a new type of VoIP service called Toktumi. Looking awesome so far, but issues are surfacing as the days go by.

June 16: Notion Ink`s Adam is looking like a Q3 launch! w00t!

June 6: Notion Ink's Adam's launch date has been moved back until November... or has it? This is...or was on the top of my list. I hope I don't have too long to wait for one that I can read 8.5x11" documents, as well as have remote control over overhead projectors, TV's, DVD players and the like. File swapping between pads using the IR port would be sweet too and much easier than emailing notes to fellow students. Check out the specs here. And their new website here.