Launch Events

UVa/Tech Football Fundraising Party

Saturday,  November 30, 2013  

WHAT WAS THIS EVENT?  Traditional Virginia football rivalry allowed 4 Paws Cupboard to donate more than 250 pounds of food to help PACC and Rainbow Rescue.


100% of all food collected has been distributed!

2013 Shammy Fest

Saturday,  October 18th, 2013    

WHAT WAS THIS EVENT?  A group of friends gather annually to patronize local VB Oceanfront Restaurant establishments and host a scavenger hunt and fun Olympics.  The gathering of friends includes T-shirts and collected donations that are dedicated to a local organization helping others in the area.  This year 4 Paws Cupboard was the recipient of this group's generosity collecting over $2000 which helped local rescue organizations purchase special needs dog and cat food (ie- skin sensitive, hypoallergenic, non-grain,etc.) and also helped to defray the costs of some vet bills.  

Summer Backyard Party

A Backyard Pool Party Hosted by Friends

Saturday,  August 2nd , 2013   

WHAT WAS THIS EVENT?  After 4 Paws Cupboard launched its inaugural event last summer, the hope and mission of the organization was to encourage others to sponsor collection events.  We are appreciative of our friends and nearby neighborhood residents who held their summer backyard pool party for their friends and co-workers and asked their guests to support concert  4 Paws Cupboard.   More than 70 attendees showed their support by donating 573 pounds of dog and cat food which we were able to turn around immediately and give generous donations to Partners Among Cats and Canines (PACC).   Please check out their website if you would like to assist this organization in the future.

100% of all food collected has been distributed!

GIVING BACK in the Backyard

Our LAUNCH Backyard Concert Fundraiser to Help Animals in Need

Saturday,  August 18th   , 2012

Live Entertainment :  Acoustic Guitar Doug Corbolotti, Drums Howie Collins and Guitar Tom McNally


WHAT WAS THIS EVENT?  This backyard concert featured local musical talents Doug Corbolotti, Howie Collins and Tom McNally and was organized as a way to help animals in need.  This event was the kickoff for our new not-for-profit organization called 4 Paws Cupboard which collects donated pet food and redistributes 100% of the donations to local rescue groups, veterinary clinics and other pet organizations to help pet owners and pet foster families feed their 4-legged family members.  More than 60 attendees showed their support by donating more than 800 pounds of dog and cat food and more than $1000 in monetary donations* .  

*Monetary donations also include checks written directly to participating organizations. 

Rainbow Animal Rescue, Inc. (  founders joined us for this successful event, were recipients of generous donations and even found new homes for rescued dogs.   Forever Home Rehabilitation Center ( and a needy family identified by Spring Branch Community Church were additional recipients of food collected from the evening.

100% of all food collected has been distributed!


Additional questions, please contact      Angela Pimentel at 757-777-6951 or email us at