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About Us

Oil recycling manufacture

Sino-NSH Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a leading high-tech company which is engaged in developing and implementing for reclamation, purification, drying and degassing oil for more than 20 years.

NSH has obtained the ISO9001 certificate and becomes the main manufacture base of purification machines in China. We offer more than 100 kinds of products in different series and offer particular solutions. 

NSH provide oil purifier machines for transformer oil, engine oil, turbine oil, flame-resistant oil and other oils, with restoration of color and operational specifications.

All types available: automation, regeneration, explosion-proof, with tester; fixing, mobile with wheels, mobile with trailer, shelf-covering, etc. 

Custom options are available. Email us at: sinonsh96@sino-purification.com 

Cost saving, high quality, online work, low maintenance, easy handling, safe and reliable.

Our Products

VFD     Insulation Oil Series
  • VFD     High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier
  • VFD-A    Vacuum Insulation Oil Automation Purifier
  • VFD-R    Vacuum Insulation Oil Regeneration Purifier
  • VFD-T     Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier with Tester
 TF       Turbine Oil Series
  • TF/TC    Vacuum Turbine Oil Purifier
  • TF-A  Vacuum Turbine Oil Automation Purifier
  • TF-E   Vacuum Turbine Oil Explosion-poor Purifier 
LV       Lubrication Oil Series
  • LV      Lubrication Oil Purifier
  • LV-A  Lubrication Oil Automation Purifier
  • LV-R  Lubrication Oil Regeneration Purifier
GER    Engine Oil Regeneration System
  • GER  Series
FV       Flame-resistant Oil series
  • FV      Flame-resistant Oil Purifier
  • FV-A  Flame-resistant Oil Automation Purifier
  • FV-R  Flame-resistant Oil Regeneration Purifier
EV       Explosion-proof Series
  • EV       Explosion-proof Vacuum Purifier
  • EV-A     Explosion-proof Vacuum Purifier
  • EP      Explosion-proof Precision Filtering Purifier
  • EP-A     Explosion-proof Precision Filtering Purifier
  • CP       Oil Centrifugal Separator
  • LF       Oil Flushing Plant
  • AD       Air Drying System
  • DPCS  Oil Lubricating Station
  • DOF    Duplex Oil Filtration System