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 Robert Boffa
Dawson College
Department of Cinema Video and Communications
3040 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec

Hours:  Room 3B.3


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CinCom: Film & Social Issues, Fall 2008
Images and Sounds: Media Research Collective, Fall 2008
Image and Sound: Reality and Instrumentality, Fall 2008
Images and Sounds, Fall 2007



Jean-Luc Godard took French and international cinema by surprise in the 1960's, yet  today may easily be relegated to the status of a quaint intellectual from a bygone era. Godard's relentless pursuit of the social and political implications of cinema aesthetics,  still poses major challenges to both criticism and cinematic practice.
The exigencies of 1960's theatrical film distribution constituted a series of paradoxically liberating strictures; for a film to make a profit at all, it had to appear in a theater; thus distributors were forced to seek the widest possible theatrical release pattern for even the most marginal of films, and it is this way that Godard achieved and consolidated his initial  reputation in the late 1950's and early 1960's.
The following essay  previously appeared on  the internet in 2000 as a text only document. About the same time that it became possible to develop a working online hypertext model, due to software advances, that could incorporate many of the formatting techniques available to printed material. The  design is inspired by a 1950's film journal
look and feel.  The images were likewise sampled, from the film itself and the captions were authored by the designer. The project remains a work in progress, lacking the necessary time, volunteers and the appropriate software to stream video buttoned to the film images.