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 Robert  J. Boffa

Early Years 

Dawson College, Department of Cinema Video and  Communications

Robert Boffa, M.F.A., Sessional Lecturer at the University of Ottawa, Concordia University
and the Dawson Institute of Photography between 1984 and 1995 and Professor in the
Department of Cinema Video  Communications  since 1998 is also a multi-media artist.
His art practice ranges from intermedia installations incorporating found objects, photography,
video, sound, and text, to quasi-traditional studio-based painting and sculpture constructions
and assemblages. He teaches post-secondary level courses in video and multi-media
production technologies as well as theory courses at Dawson College in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.
His work is represented in literary reviews, photography and art publications, and in institutional collections,
including the Canada Council Art Bank and the City of Ottawa Fine Art Collection. His research
and production projects have been funded by the Canada Council (Explorations, Photography
and Study Grants) the Ontario Arts Council and the Banff Centre.  Robert Boffa's Master's
dissertation was a research-creation project on the nature of "play" as it relates to art practice and production,
and defended at Concordia University in Montréal in 1989. Current research interests include the augmentation
of traditonal teaching methods through the expressive use of technology with a focus on the use of emerging distributive
communications technologies in a pedagogical setting.

Lives and works in Montreal since 1981 

I hope, over time, to recuperate and amalgamate selected iterations of my web projrcts containing pedagogical material, artwork, media experiments, and general musings on life that. over time have been decimated through reversals  and inattention, as well as by the hand of web masters, dead harddrives, and now defunct servers.