About 4M Farms LLC

 4M Farms LLC was created in 2004 to keep the farming business going that Albert Mills, Sr. started.  Our original partners were Reba Mills, Albert Mills, Jr., Bryan Mills, and Patrick Mills.  Today, the partners are Albert Mills, Jr., Robin Mills, Bryan Mills, and Patrick Mills.

Our operation is a cow calf operation.  We do not administer any antibiotics to our animals that we directly sell for consumption.  Infrequently, we have to give one of our cows medicine and we take those to a stock yard.  Our cows graze on grass and are free to roam the pasture.  We practice some rotational grazing to prolong the supply of grass.  We feed hay in the winter months when the grass in the pastures is not a viable option.  Our cows are our pets and do receive a minimal amount of sweet feed.  This also aids in digestion in the winter months.