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Mahesh Sharma

E-mail: sharma@mathematicsforall.org

Professor Mahesh Sharma is the founder and president of The Center for Teaching and Learning Mathematics, Inc. of Framingham, Massachusetts and Berkshire Mathematics in Berkshire, England, which facilitates his work in the UK and Europe. 

He is the former Cambridge College president and served for thirty years as professor of mathematics education to undergraduate and graduate students. Internationally, he is known for his groundbreaking work in math education and math learning problems, particularly, dyscalculia and other specific learning disabilities in mathematics. 

Professor Sharma is an author, teacher, teacher-trainer, researcher, editor and publisher, education consultant, and public lecturer. For thirty years, Sharma edited and published Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics, an international interdisciplinary mathematics journal with readership in 90 countries and The Math Notebook, a practical journal for teachers and parents devoted to successful teaching and learning for all students.

Professor Sharma continues to provide mathematics evaluations and remedial training for children and adults with learning disabilities, dyscalculia, and math learning difficulties.  Professor Sharma, regularly consults with school administrators and teachers on mathematics curriculum and instruction to promote effective learning for every student. 

For more information, see his biography.