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THE LUNGVERSE is the totality of where, when and how our story takes place.

Story archs here are presented with their events in chronological order.  The archs themselves are not presented chronologically in relation to one another.


Gay Aunt Jane's Wacky Knifeplay Fortress:
Here we introduced to The Atrophere, a dimension made entirely of incredibly dense magnitudes of raw information that lay parralell to our material plane.  

GAJ, the muse of delirium, is the ruler of this place, along with Madame Baroness Beetle Supreme, muse of dissociation.

Minxmax, the muse of tactility, uses 4bidden t00lz of therm0dynamix to murder Beetle and gain objectivity (create a vessel of matter which he can use to exist in the material plane).
This directly betrayal of thermodynamic law destabilizes The Atrophere,
the collapse of which could very well destroy the Material plane as well.

Gay Aunt Jane's Hideous Crawlspace of Violent Secrets:
Distraught over the death of her spouse Beetle and furious over the destabilization of her home dimension, GAJ wails her mourning sorrow and passionate hatred into the void.

In order to restore stability to The Atrophere, GAJ "contacts" Yo-Yo repeatedly from a young age in an attempt to groom them as an eventual
replacement/compensation for the loss of Beetle.

(since Beetle was turned into a vessel of matter to house Minxmax, 
GAJ seeks to fix the inbalance by destroying the matter which houses Yo-Yo).

With The Atrophere becoming more and more entropied by the day, GAJ accelerates her grooming of Yo-Yo by dragging them repeatedly through a multitude of portals around the world which connect to one another through The Atrophere.  

These portals were all first opened by Alka's mother, an accomplished scientist
who devoted most of her life to studying The Atrophere.  The portals were created by massive soundwaves generated by a machine which Alka's mother designed.

Each time Yo-Yo is dragged through The Atrophere, their brain is physically damaged by the absolutely massive amount of information
their brain is bombarded by with each pass. 

With their grip on reality progressively thinning and their cognitive processing gravely impaired, Yo-Yo falls into a deep depression.  

Four buys a stupid amount of snare drums from an online bulk retailer and unleashes her boundless energy by absolutely slamming the shit out of them in her front yard.
The enormous sound generated by her manic percussion opens a new portal to The Atrophere as it is beginning to collapse in on itself.

GAJ sees this as a prime last-minute opportunity to steal away the now vulnerable Yo-Yo and save her dimension, and pulls them in.  

Four persues them through the portal and creates so much noise that GAJ is forced to break her concentration and release Yo-Yo, The Atrophere now collapsing entirely around her.  With the portal open, the force of The Atrophere's collapse would undoubtedly cause severe damage to the material plane as well.
In an act of quick-thinking, Minxmax once again utilizes 4bidden t00lz of therm0dynamix to harness the energy output by the collapse and channel it into a material form for
GAJ to inhabit, saving her life (even though she absolutely didn't want him to).

Gay Aunt Jane's Carthartic Purge of Piss and Vinegar:
Stripped of her power and authority, now trapped in the material plane with no resources, friends, food, money, shelter, colloquial knowledge, etc, 
GAJ is forced to stay with Four and the gang and become acclimated to a normal life as an average everyday anthropomorphic animal.