Parker Proportional Hydraulic Valves. Engine Valve Stem Seal Set. 12 Butterfly Valve.

Parker Proportional Hydraulic Valves

parker proportional hydraulic valves
    hydraulic valves
  • (Hydraulic valve) Irrigation zone valve which uses small flexible tubes and water under pressure to provide the actuation signal from the controller to the valve.
  • (Hydraulic Valve) In the construction of hydraulic elevators, a valve used to regulate the flow of the fluid used to raise and lower the elevator, usually a low viscosity oil.
  • Corresponding in size or amount to something else
  • properly related in size or degree or other measurable characteristics; usually followed by `to'; "the punishment ought to be proportional to the crime"; "earnings relative to production"
  • having a constant ratio
  • one of the quantities in a mathematical proportion
  • (of a variable quantity) Having a constant ratio to another quantity
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Counting fallout from fukushima with a gas proportional detector
Counting fallout from fukushima with a gas proportional detector
I detected radioactivity from fukushima by wiping a paper towel over my wet car right after we got some rain here in southeast PA. Testing it with a gas proportional detector, I got a reading of just about 1000 c.p.m. (the normal background reading in my area with this detector is 300 -350 c.p.m.) The activity collected on the paper towel dissipates rather quickly as the water evaporates. I think it's a radioactive gas (or gasses) dissolved in the rain water (probably Iodine-131 or Xenon-133) or both.
The Assembly of RXTE's Proportional Counter Array
The Assembly of RXTE's Proportional Counter Array
This photograph is of one of RXTE's instruments, called the Proportional Counter Array or PCA. The PCA has five xenon gas detectors (the X-rays interact with the electrons in the xenon gas) that measure X-rays in the 2-60 keV range.

parker proportional hydraulic valves
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