DTV Reliability Ballot Survey
Select the Most UN-reliable Station you [07606] regularly watch:
 WCBS(2)CBS, WNYW(5)Fox/UPN, WWOR(9)UPN/Fox, WPIX(11)WB, WNET(13)PBS, etc.
Interpretive Statement:
To Alleviate the frustration of less wealthy viewers of
Over The Air Broadcast DTV Federal Stimulus Funds have been
procured by the State of NJ to conduct this survey via in
your electoral district to comprise a poll to be sold to
those implementing DTV broadcasting.  ZIP code area data
will be freely available via for which hosting costs
are funded again with Federal Stimulus funds.  These funds
derived ultimately from Federal Taxes will raise New Jersey's
share of Federal Spending Received Per Dollar of Taxes Paid
approximately 3 positions, from $0.61 to $0.71 based on 2005 data.
Plain Language: This survey brings money into the state of NJ
and you are encouraged to make a selection which targets DTV
improvements to your household.
Select the Most UN-reliable Station you [08601] receive:

not Antenna

TV Watching

WNJT (52)PBS WCAU(10) NBC WTFX (29)Fox WPVI(6)ABC WPSG(57)WB etc.

  How to get such question(s) on your ballot?  As an example, Massachusetts posts.