THE Interview: steveb on his 1st youtube

Why are you promoting "Secrets Of Service" in this "Protect Our Press" playlist?

The original clip from Nicole's camera has been up on youtube since her 2008 arrest shortly after which I wrote "Secrets Of Service".

Why bother?
There's this slogan, "don't watch the news prior to bedtime".  Well, I found myself unable to sleep after learning of that arrest for simply being there showing how ready for any sort of terrorist interference with our election process those police were but they really have to throw a camera woman to the ground?  Why?  And then WHY would a Secret Service person swing by and remove their press credentials?  This was way above and beyond any sort of keeping the peace exercise of policing.
  So, I wrote this scene, or just single act depicting how a female POTUS might deal with such a Secret Service involvement in the press doing their job.

Why post on youtube now?
Simple.  It's been a possible stage play only because I workshopped it in a playwriting
group.  The actresses loved the POTUS part.  Beyond that I didn't know what to do with it.

Why not a stage play then?
Well it could have been as originally there were only 2 sound effects and minimal set design.  That playwriting group had no stage and the one remaining sound effect in public space would've been problematic.  I posted the original version on hitrecord.org which a friend read relating how he could feel her [POTUS] rage build.

There have been versions?
Not on purpose.  Getting paper copies for cast members being either ten or twenty cents a page in this world of public PC use gets expensive; so, a playwriting group member printed copies of the .pdf at her work and we lost a few back and fourth lines which we just ignored.

So, you over wrote this piece?
I don't think so.  I was aiming for an annoying, belligerent and really well trained obstinate Secret Service agent like what I'd enjoyed in watching a broadcast of a Spike Lee movie stage play where the character drones on and on and you want it all to end.  When that character finally stops, as an audience member, I felt so relieved.   Spike left it that way.  I wanted to evoke a similar feeling of relief.

But a suicide?
Only 2 of these include that.  So, watch the shortest "ShortPOP" if that bothers you.  For a piece this short, I think it's appropriately abrupt.  It also serves the NEW even more reduced two and a half minute playlist version. Unfortunately googleSites still doesn't permit YouTube pasting "playlists" on pages such as this one :-(
  Someone told me release it in pieces.  I'm not down with hoping folk return for more of such a short story.

So you'll leave it longer?
Nope, I'll eventually post up both versions and let folk watch whichever they choose.

Shortest playlist
 medium length playlist
Longest playlist

As just SOS or SOS within this POP?
The beauty of youtube is you can package your response to a clip, with that clip, by placing them both in a playlist.  Not the normal, hey check out this clip.  If ever I get access to Nicole's camera clip to upload and splice in, sure it would be a single clip.

You've asked for the clip?
Almost.  I've let Nicole, via twitter, and the DemocracyNOW folk know of my "SOS" and have yet to hear back.  They did win a big cash judgement from the police.  Maybe they're just glad to have moved on.

Seems you didn't...
Well like I said. What to do with this piece was beyond me.  My usual writing sample requires even more "infrastructure" to stage.  My short pieces are all "issue related" and I found a NYC meetup that was looking to stage "issue" pieces so I submitted a couple and it was obvious that SOS was the most viable.  Then I had to cast it.

You'd said actresses just loved the POTUS part.
Yes but still; of that play-writing group only one dude replied and sought verification that it was only for a "reading".  He'd table read this during our workshops.  So, began lots of emailing.

Marissa, like other replying actresses, wondered about the ability of her now SAG/AFTRA career to participate in such a showcase.  Beyond that she sought permission to video tape for her reel.  That's the only reason we have a 2 camera clip of the piece to post on youtube.  

Enter luck?
NYC LUCK for Sure!  Garrett, who has his solo musical; which he sings A Capella, debut in October, was willing for more NYC theater exposure as long as it was after work.  Chris I met at a NYC Job Fair and our walk-on at the end, Heather, was directing another piece in the same showcase!

You credit NYC for this?
Not just the clip but what rehearsing we could get ranged from a stairwell to one of those public use spaces.

Wait, so this was first performed as Public Theater?
Garrett may agree with you.  He has sung his musical in such places.  He recommended an enclosed one not far from Zuccatti.  Anyway, with me directing, no, we never ran through without "cut".  The folk who staff such a place were so cool with us.  I was amazed that instead of just telling us to get out when the space closed this staffer wanders around up next to me to whisper, "we're closing in ten".  New Yorkers are so cool with performance art!

How many of these rehearsals were there?
Not enough.

That why your cast hold paper, presumably the script?
I only realized after imploring to the actresses I approached; that the POTUS character is at the desk writing a speech - so the script is available for reference.  Then in rehearsing Marissa, our first cast member, I realized the folder she rejects from "Bob" can also have a copy of the script.  To be fair to Garrett, Chris was kind enough to print some relevant pages at like 24 point font to lay out as well.

So it was a reading?
Heather memorized her pair of lines and Marissa ran lines with friends as well.

So actresses are just better...
It is a strong female lead piece.  And to be fair, Chris hadn't done acting since he was in school.  And Garrett.  I had only one direction for him and it didn't make the clip, even.  He had the whole obstinate rock down so solid.

So you got lucky?
Yup :-)

So, what's next?
Youtube wants subscribers and that requires lot's of asks.

So you're begging instead of writing.
Well none of this is for hire.  Pitching other issues for hire will interrupt this for sure.

Other issues?
Well I started a feature length, staged as what 3 acts or just 2 dealing with Traumatic Brain Injury; though I've not the medical background to get that past even a floor nurse.  There are a few versions of domestic violence that will probably come down to another table and chair piece, maybe not; they're just notes and dialog snippets now.

Again in NYC?
Maybe.  Maybe NJ.  I'm reaching out to a school with a theaterLAB that has done video on scrim which my writing sample needs and that's only 2 cast members.

Actors or actresses?
Don't matter that's the beauty of it, can be anyone who shows up even, is fun with firearms, "non-guns", in theater speak and is even a perfect demo vehicle for a projector.

OK, OK you seem focused on; don't mind the pun.
Focused on projection, I've reached out to projector firms too.  And continue reaching out to WGA signatory agent(s) and / or folk who may know some to get my ensemble action feature passion piece in development.  Or just win eleven million dollars in the lottery.

I've heard that Harvey will actually take your call if you've got 11 million dollars ready to commit to making a movie, even your own movie.

Harvey Weinstein.  That dude gets scripts to screen. 

Well, may luck visit you again steveb and thanx for THE Interview.

Secrets Of Service staged performance

"Garrett is a super straightman... Lady in Pink is terrific. 
I can't decide between the three videos." L.B. 

"Loved your film", John Samaha   
"enjoyed the videos", R.B.
"Marissa is a real standout! Powerful.", R.N.

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