Public Benefit Companies 4 all of US   (especially Philanthropically Inclined Folks)

Dear (American) banker: 

 [ or Congress,  Your citizens can form their own employers! ]
   Domicile all 501c"3" firms in District of Columbia for a dollar / year.  States can make up the lost fee revenue with million dollar scale for 501c"4" domiciling FEE priced at 1 dollar / constituent / year and other such firms supporting PACs and other political efforts and also require domiciling those "4"s in a jurisdiction within the candidates' district with fee revenue divvied up among those constituent jurisdictions within those districts.  
   A reverse scale would be nice way to shore up impoverished municipalities with more funds than the most wealthy municipalities.
Gain MORE revenue
   Make the foreign entity fee 2 dollars / constituent / year and enjoy double the funding!  Use of entities domiciled in states
that do not participate in gaining funds from such national PAC as the election of POTUS should be encouraged to actually employ
citizens throughout the country rather than rely upon and solicit volunteers while spending huge funds to promote video clips.

Your branch managers would just love more accounts and your most
Philanthropical depositors already have enough funds for NEW NPOs.

So, Get more customers,
            more customer accounts,
            more consumer transaction activity!
Consider the promotional opportunities of your most influential customers boasting of such a service;
"That's a nice job you've created maintaining a building with your name on it for their campus.  I have <YOUR_BANK> finding me community needs which the money I give away will fund solutions for, achieving a success rate equal to, or probably even higher than, my profit seeking projects."    NO Sales required of NPO to reach its goal(s)!

Leverage your branch network to inform your wealthiest
depositors and be an asset to your communities not the
liability to the rest of US you've become.                          Still More Info 

 Wealthy folk have no more time for themselves than anyone else.  They must delegate to accomplish with their money.  The bank that can have their money at the ready for uses not yet imagined, while corralling new emergent uses for that wealth adds real value in these times of cutting back, downsizing and losing talent.

  Redeploying experienced talent to match modern present day needs to funding from wealth offered by the worlds most philanthropically wealthy clients is more real value.

 TV spots of how your clients keep tabs on services provided by their new NPOs established with their wealth and the even smallest businesses that arise to supply those services is an expense to consider saving while branch staff fulfill the intake form word of mouth generated from similar grandiloquence as depicted above.  All of which makes reading beyond this text box unnecessary, unless you need more convincing; read on and Happy Holidays.

Foundations have and will always be supporting existing Non-Profit Organizations servicing
existing needs.  New jobs staffing NEW NPOs grow community economies performing
needs that have been both previously performed by others and not yet been needed
by the world's peoples.


To grow your account business along a trajectory similar to when RothIRAs were enacted please inquire of your management the feasibility of templating 501c3 corporate formations along the lines of  NJ Governor CorzinePBC  companies which pay for their formation, management and capitalization with future revenues that in your case are the philanthropic funds your clientele may already have on deposit.  Formation and management fees would then be charged against those funds rather than paid by the folks with a need at hand for which they seek philanthropic funding.

This inverts the usual practice of folks identifying a need seeking out Philanthropically Wealthy people to form and oversee an appropriate 501c3. As bankers you are ideally situated to advise Philanthropically Wealthy folks to;


 become customers 
 allocate some funds
 serve as B Corporation, CorzinePBC 501c3 board directors
 do some good with those philanthropic funds
 governments need not bond the citizenry
 assist Academics seeking to fund projects

Folks who see the need for a CorzinePBC, but without philanthropic wealth of their own can contribute simply by walking into some store front branch and meeting with you the (American) banker skilled and equipped in the practice of CorzinePBC formation.


Banks tend to relinquish their business development
to regulators as well.  The best example of this is
the advertising for folks to just give up and go the
bankruptcy route of no funds, no assets; just
talk it over with them, presumably because their
lobbyists got tax funds available to cover the bank
losses and discarding even the most loyal customer
as a successful biz practice taught in MBA classes as
cut the loss and move on to more customers in other

Leaving your wealthiest customers to ponder if the, "how
they can live in a stronger country without any input
from the folks falling off the life styles that become
ever more and more expensive to maintain is viable?" question.  
  For Your customers?  
  For YOU?

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