Older entry level Releases preserved at ".old" TLD

  It is just not right for these teaser introductory Releases of really cool
SAAS in the cloud to bait users into creating content with those very
efficient tools and then be forced to switch to something, anything
new.  Cloud computing was supposed to break the exploitive business
model of forced upgrades where the software users grew to love would
no longer run on anything but the latest, greatest chip set.

  The kid's forming these cloud ventures pay themselves so much
and promise oodles of cash to their funders, neither of whom can
even comprehend how ALL users just can't UPgrade platforms they
most likely don't even own; or just found in the midst of some
calamity and curse these cloud business persons and their greed
when even a 16 bit machine on a land line can't support the
HTML5 video rich login screen.

  Bottom line is that less endowed users should simply use
the wizbangSAAS.old version of the site rather than abandon
their legacy content and even keep on creating with what they
got rather than the wizbangSAAS.com site others can afford
to equip themselves to use.