Dear Philanthropically Wealthy Folk,
     ( #SuperRich and any other Philanthropically Inclined Folks too! ) 

Most bankers are petrified you will take your deposits
away if they approach you with suggested Non Profit
Organizations for you to form.  Especially it seems,            Banker's Link
when those suggestions are collected by their branch
staff from walk in folks who may not even be customers.     Still More Info
With 1/4 of US workforce sidelined by lack of profits, work not requiring profits can be readily staffed.

 Perhaps you see the logic in such a data base and
would be kind enough to let you banker know you're
"cool with this".  Perhaps you would indeed be so pissed
off by banks approaching you in such an unsolicited
fashion you could peruse these to form and staff  :-) 
Socialize/Promote/Establish Apartment Building Composting   5
something else OR                                 this5 specifically?
Do something useful with all those abandoned houses   4
something else OR                          this4 specifically?
needs which are scalable and put folks back to work   3
something else OR                        this3 specifically?
enable volunteers to distribute food to homeless     2
something else OR                    this2 specifically?
generate donations for projects ignored by gov't   1
something else OR                   this1 specifically?
Something without Naming Rights? Like; to fund?

#SuperRich #GivingPledge   
    I ____________________ hereby pledge 5%
of my estate to fixing the United States of America
which has permitted me to accumulate such vast 
sums of wealth, whose citizens now endure such 
lack of opportunity while enduring a stifled economy 
parched of finance, by the establishment of 
new Non Profit Organizations to provide;

and now support all the above in addition 
to these existing:

so that all Americans can live in a working 
sustainable nation inclusive of the world's
signed,                             date,

 ____________________   ____________