Google is MORE of a telco firm NOW especially since Verizon LOST the US gov't contract to host heathcare.gov to a tech firm not usually recognized as a WWW purveyor, Hewlett Packard.

Verizon loses it's healthcare.gov hosting contract to Hewlett Packard
Fraternal Cable Cabal unfazed by what was a telco capable of
interconnecting customers replaced by Internet gear vendor
with premiere brand recognition.

Reading that "VZ loss is HPQ gain" bit of news it's obvious telco firms exist to bill for a connection and if you can't hear over such a connection just connect to telco and request a billing credit.  Further proof can be surmised from resistance to hold metaData for NSA as telcos don't want the data after the bills been paid.

Net Neutrality looking more and more like AD viewing service.
Hey NSA, when will customers have access to 5 yrs of billed telcom metadata?
NOTE: this posting through IE8 on a HP/compaq.