...emails FREE Transcriptions of voice mail !!!
Leave a voice mail on your googleVoice number
and receive a transcription emailed to your gmail
account.  The shorter the voice mail, the faster
the transcript email arrives.  Limit seems to be
a minute - which will take a few days.
  NOTE THE check boxes to allow google to use
the voice mail file for better transcription processing!
  This is great productivity tool for precomposing a
document or email.  Dictate your draft, past the
transcript and edit a complete version!
...but still needs schedule-able verifications.
By scheduling WHEN the verification call will
occur, vacation home landline phones can be
used as forward-able numbers even though NO
WEBservice may be available at that vacation
property.  This may not be readily apparent to
the demographic that is wealthy enough to
have WEB near every phone used daily/weekly
but WEB slumming into town while vacationing
may be an expectation currently unavailable
that even less wealthy folks using PublicPCs
would greatly appreciate. 
  So, how about adding a "when to call" button
 to those "Connect" and "Hang Up" buttons
on the verification panel or a "Verify Later"
in addition to the "Verify Now" link; will ya