News of the World's [major] Floods:
Quake sends tsunami to Japan over pacific islands to America's west coast as east mops up.
 FEMA Flood blog and Tsunami blog  
  International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
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    Missing Person Finder YouTube channel 
Australia CYCLONE news, FLOOD News  AND  WildFireNews  
Brazil Flood/Mudslide News
Pakistan's flooding
Sri Lanka Flood News                  

Donations can be made:
Australian FLOOD RELIEF  Donation

Brazilian site [ taking donations ]

JAPAN [pacific islands]   [ Text STOP to cancel ]     
        JapaneseRedCrossSociety    via Bank transfer order
 SMS/txt     TO   gives  URL:  
 REDCROSS   90999   $10  redcross.org/donate  + 5 others http://bit.ly/eZJDoJ
 JAPAN   80888   $10  via 1011now  SalvationArmy
 TSUNAMI  20222   $10  Save the Children  
 JAPAN  50555   $10  GlobalGiving  
 SMS/txt     TO  gives  URL:  
 ASIA  30333    $5  Canadian Red Cross Society  
 ASIE  30333    $5  Canadian Red Cross Society  
 QUAKE  45678   $10  Canadian SalvationArmy  
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 GIVE  70707


 DON  45678   $5    
 GIVE  45678   $5    
 PAKISTAN  50555   $5    provides shelter for those displaced by floods focuses on rebuilding efforts
 WORLD  45678   $5  www.mobilegiving.ca  
 D     247  PKR 10    
 FUND   1234  PKR 10    
 AID  27722   $10    transports food to flood victims in isolated communities
 CAI  50555   $10    focuses on education in Pakistan and Afghanistan
 FLOOD  20222   $10    
 REDCROSS  30333   $10    
 RELIEF  27722   $10    focuses on the betterment of the Muslim community
 RESCUE  50555   $10    responds to natural and man-made disasters worldwide
 SWAT  50555   $10    sends emergency response teams to orchestrate relief efforts
 ZAKATUS  50555   $10    is providing food and clothing for flood survivors
Sri Lanka Floods 2011
 2011  Flood rescue clips [ NON iPad ];