hese "crash_tax" levies upon victims of vehicular accidents are the most
absurd feudal practice of beating down those with nothing but the car into
which they soak what little funds they have left in their efforts to remain
employed to drive eyeballs to media outlets yet devised by US privileged
class that benefits from ever higher profit seeking insurance companies'
raising policy prices.
   Just consider how those vehicles collided.  Lack of ice removal by
"crash_taxing" municipality?  DUI by off duty police?  DUI sports
fan returning, heading towards game?  Local news has reported
numerous such stories since the beginning of this 21st century.
DUI can only occur after someone, who should not be driving,
has purchased a controlled substance for which the seller has
obtained a liquor license; at considerable cost.  When the true
cost of that substance includes all these vehicular accidents the
cost of liquor licenses hasn't been enough to cover municipal
expense in responding to these crashes.  To levy a "crash_tax"
upon DUI victims is too damn feudalistic for America.  Instead
the bar and stadium owners should bear more of the cost of
"pushing" controlled substances, such as alcohol they are
already licensed for, upon an under sophisticated public. 
This may upset some business folk.
Bar owners should not be encouraged to profit by inebriating patrons
till they die while attempting to drive themselves home.  The whaling
industry orignially balked at "husbanding" their stock and today's
fishing industry is the strongest environmentally sophisticated
purveyor of food with enthusiastically appreciative customers.
The  typical bar owner is too low on the revenue stream to save
municipal rapid response budgets and therefore shouldn't be run
out of business with exorbitant license fees just like crash victims
shouldn't be handing out hundred dollar notes at the scene.
   The stadium filling events to which so many fans rearrange their
schedules to attend and consume alcohol don't all drive vehicles
there anyway.  Mass transit surges too often to unhealthy
levels of ridership that includes human excrement that can't be
cleaned properly.  A high enough "event_tax" levied upon the
promoters who flow cash in the millions of dollars to stage these
events generates enough funds to alleviate both the municipal
concern for vehicular safety and the mass transit surge in increased
ridership.  Healthily clean ridership needs to be properly planned.
The wealthiest, privileged class members of the US can still
operate all their events un-impaired by exorbitant "event_taxes"
simply by addressing this now known to be too expensive to service
practice of public drunkenness.  Let the insurance industry bond
event organizers with rates set to the effectiveness of organizers to reduce
drinking to rates so moderate as to negate fan DUI caused crashes.
   One drink per patron is such a solution and a reasonable starting point
from which jobs can be generated designing, manufacturing, installing
intoxication measuring bar games to accommodate those fans/patrons
with genetic tolerance higher than most, lessor than most and US'd be
better off than beating down US poor folk driving to work trying to
pay their already too high bills.