The driest model cloud would be the behaviour first exhibited by "CompuServe" in adapting screen graphics between early Atari and Commodore class personal computers.
The "All Out BEST" Example is youtube where tweets from mobile link to mobile version of that Most Accommodating Platform Which Even Surmounted The Entire "FLASH problem"!
    "FLASH problem": being the claim that something like 94% of the entire worlds browsers have the FLASH plug-in which in reality it has been found that only something like 40% of the entire worlds browsers have the CURRENT VERSION FLASH plug-in installed.  Wisely youtube accommodates older versions as proved by still playing, at least each clip watched over the last year or so occasionally using this browser; most every clip in their cloud.  Thank YOu YOUtube :-)
   When browsers such as IE8 are "Frozen Out" of ANY kind of operation whatsoever on various cloud based apps the "siloing" of specific "niches of usr communities" ensues making content less and less widely available thereby limiting the audience for said content.  To Twitter's credit enabling "slow-but-usable" access to their premiere cloud app keeps theirs a viable content platform.
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