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Admin Don't Drive...
Would you drive a car around with the hood up?  Of course not.   
why is anyone browsing or running apps as Admin?  Oops.
                                                          Still More Info

America is not a Air Hockey Table
As long as gas is being released under the water table, 
bubbles can reach us      Still More Info 

 over Loaded 

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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'Elements' line of private label Household Products, Exclusive to Prime Members inspired by "Customers


FEMA waste, fraud, abuse Hotline  1-800-323-8603  you do not have to provide your name       [WNYC flashLess play'r]



 Extras:  NYC Subway status and Storm Surge map.              visit   redcross     Pinterest    
WNYC TransitTracker      Currently Active Wildfires in U.S.A.    NY has 3D training at Libraries and NJ Libraries offer 3D printing.

Banker(s) please consider using
Demand for funds need not be supplied ONLY from your lending operations as your
most Philanthropically Wealthy Customers seek to fund NPOs to tackle what Gov't
can no longer afford to fund.  Bank Branch networks of staff and/or Information
Technology can form NEW P.B.C. style NPOs creating #JOBs
                                                                                       Still More Info  
Build pump access along KXL pipeline...
Alleviate rising flood waters near the route
of the proposed pipeline crossing US mid-west
from Canada down to Gulf coast...                Still More Info

Camcorder Tape loyalty
Pick a brand of camcorder tape and STICK with it...
The incompatible tape lube can and will eventually...     Still More Info


Distracted Driving implies the driver has some control over 
the distractions she allows to distract her.  The billboard
sign industry should really speak out on this.         Still More Info 
Direct Journalism Still More Info
Donate/Gift an old PC safely
  Have you not only deleted data on
the disk drive in that PC but also made
sure that data can't be recovered?      Still More Info


DTV = Dead T.V. that dies and dies, again and again
          and you just never know when...
Once upon a time snowy pictures appeared on our TV...          Still More Info

DTV ballot question
Dead T.V. reception in your electoral precinct
  We visit the polls again in a few months to vote.
Excellent opportunity to identify which broadcast
Over The Air TV station you've lost since the June
DTV national cut over and cessation of analog
broadcasting.  Election commissions should be
able to sell that data to some eager buyer.           Still More Info 
These "crash_tax" levies upon victims of vehicular accidents are the most
absurd feudal practice of beating down those with nothing...   Still More Info    

Frozen Clouds
"Instagram" has become a FROZEN cloud app that refuses to work on most Public
PC based IE8 browsers unlike the most friendly, puffy, dry cloud app; "Twitter".   Still More Info   

Global GREEN Grid
Electric generation exports to a Global GREEN Grid...   Still More Info 

Help Hoboken Heal
Hoboken is small and hilly enough to boost itself higher above sea level.  
Ignoring the highest ground and addressing the lowest to include sub-basement
water handling, even those famous basement apartments can be retained...   Still More Info    

Hospitalize Medicinal Marijuana
Although it became law last July there won't...   Still More Info 

Micro Drone Off Beach:

 swimmer search system:

                        Still More Info 

 MUNIcipalGREENelectrICITY      Still More Info  

Led Zep I reissue

 Led Zep II reissue

  Led Zep III reissue


              Still More Info 

Obama needs contract litigators
  States such as NY should withhold 100% of the bonus
  payments to Wall Street Executives made in December...     Still More Info    

Older Releases preserved at ".old" TLD
 It is just not right for these teaser introductory Releases of really cool
 SAAS in the cloud to bait users into creating content with those very
 efficient tools and then be forced to switch to something, anything new.    Still More Info  

TARP refunds should hire Americans
excess TARP refunds hire Americans;
even if TARP was disbursed as Private Placement Memos,         Still More Info


googleVoice emails FREE Transcriptions of voice mail
...still needs schedule-able verifications                   
 By scheduling WHEN the verification call will
occur, vacation home landline phones...               Still More Info    
Google is MORE of a telco firm NOW that:
Verizon loses it's hosting
contract to Hewlett Packard...               Still More Info  
Voice Mail hacking
Protect your voice mail account from hackers
explained by WNYC reporter John Keefe          Still More Info 

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