4 inch fitter glass shade : Shutter shades shirt : Paper blinds.

4 Inch Fitter Glass Shade

4 inch fitter glass shade
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4 inch fitter glass shade - Fitter First
Fitter First Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer
Fitter First Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer
Pro Fitter is challenging yet fun and easy to learn! Since 1985, athletes and medical experts world wide have depended on Pro Fitter for maximizing sports performance. If you and your family want to maximize an active lifestyle, then get these proven benefits from the Pro Fitter 3D Cross trainer: ? Enhance functional core strength and stability. ? Maximize functional leg strength and power. ? Obtain faster and more precise reaction skills. ? Develop effective upper and lower body strength programs. ? Improve cardiovascular endurance. ? Improve proprioception and reduce the risk of sports injuries. Package Comes With: Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer, Soft Ankle Board, instructional DVD & color Exercise Chart, and support information on general conditioning and rehabilitation.

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Inez and then Karina's Asiatic Lily
Inez and then Karina's Asiatic Lily
This is a gorgeous pattern. I chose shades of pink for the flowers and buds. There are not a lot of different pinks in stained glass and it is hard to get contrasts in the glass. The lovely iridescent background glass picks up the pink and green hues. The turquoise ripple glass was a perfect colour to highlight the Lily and bring warmth to the piece. Unfortunately the piece was a bit too big for the opening. I usually rely on my husband for sizing but did this one myself and forget to make it 1/4 inch smaller for fitting purposes.
Antique 2 Piece Milk Glass Lighting Fixtue (1)
Antique 2 Piece Milk Glass Lighting Fixtue (1)
Two antique milk glass lighting fixtures with 2 piece shade assembley. The bottom shade is held in place with a 3 prong "spider" which also has a keeper on each prong so the bottom shade will not fall out. Perfect over counter or island vintage kitchen or bathroom lighting. Width of top shade is 12 3/4 inches across. Height of just the shade and socket assembley is 13 inches so the minimun drop would be around 18 - 19 inches with a flush mount fitter.

4 inch fitter glass shade
4 inch fitter glass shade
Playskool Busy Basics Form Fitter (Colors May Vary)
Playskool Busy Basics Form Fitter
This multi-textured cube and basic shapes makes it fun for toddlers to learn their shapes and colors! Kids match the colorful shapes and textures with their corresponding holes. The shapes store inside the cube for easy storage and shape-sorting fun on the go. Nine different colorful shapes.
For Ages: 18 months & up.

Playskool has been making the same shape-sorting toy for so many years, parents may worry about their own regression rather than their child's. For young children, however, the Form Fitter is still reliably educational. The big, bold, yellow cube has cutout shapes on each side; three per side make each of the six sides look like a different, silly face. The cookie-cutter pieces in blue, green, and red get matched up and dropped in. Be aware that some of the shapes look very similar, so it takes practicing shape discrimination to get it just right. There's an extra clue built into the Form Fitter, too: each side has a different texture, and the shapes that fit in that side have the same texture. When all the shapes are done, one side flips up to release them from their cubed cage, letting preschool learning run free one more time. --Lynne Sampson