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Ideas and Resources for 4-H Robotics Clubs


As part of a bold goal to engage 1 million additional young people in Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) by 2013, 4-H is developing a comprehensive robotics program aimed at inspiring American youth to develop a love for engineering and technology. As the largest and furthest reaching youth development organization in the country, 4-H is strategically positioned to help strengthen US global competitiveness and leadership by preparing youth to excel in SET fields as adults. 4-H has the capacity to:


·         Utilize an aggressive national SET workforce campaign to engage 1 million new youth;

·         Engage thousands of 4-H youth in engineering and technology projects;

·         Engage engineering and technology experts from 106 world-class universities;

·         Develop relationships with National Science Foundation, US For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST), Lemelson-MIT and other SET organizations and groups; and

·         Work with local community youth development organizations such as Boys and Girls Club of America, YMCA, Girl Scouts, and Boy Scouts. 


These assets are just some of the dynamic reasons that make the 4-H Robotics Program a comprehensive model that will deliver tomorrow’s SET employees to companies across America. In addition, studies have shown that young people that participate in 4-H become confident, talented adults ready for success in the workplace (4-H Study of Positive Youth Development 2008). When compared to non 4-H adolescents, young people who participate in 4-H programs are more likely to report:

·         Higher participation in science, engineering, and/or computer technology programs;

·         Taking courses in science, engineering, and computer technology; and

·         Pursuing a career in science and in engineering.


The 4-H Robotics Program is designed to address a declining trend in our nations SET workforce and will be delivered through non-formal education, including 4-H clubs, 4-H camps, school enrichment, and 4-H after-school programs nationwide. Reaching 6 million youth, 500,000 volunteers, 60 million alumni and located in every county in America, 4-H is the only national youth development organization that has the reach or the capacity to undertake this work. 


Following is information to help you learn about starting and managing a 4-H Robotics Club. Currently, there is no comprehensive, all-inclusive resource available to teach you everything you need to know about 4-H Robotics. Efforts are underway to develop a comprehensive 4-H Robotics curriculum to help 4-H youth and adults get started and learn from 4-H Robotics Clubs. The materials below are designed to help you get started. As new materials and resources are developed, they will be posted to this site. The plan is to eventually create a 4-H Robotics web site that will contain all of the resources available in the 4-H Robotics Program. Please check back on this site periodically to learn about the latest information available. For now, we hope the following information is helpful. If you would like to provide feedback on this information, please send your comments to Judith Lapp
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