Testimonies of people and horses

I wanted to share with you a website that has a collaboration of how people have experienced the Healing that can come from spending time and/or having a relationship with horses. 

I hope you have enjoyed a couple of sites that have experienced the wonderful healing of horses. There are many other sites that can explain and offer information about how horses help people of all ages, some physical, and some emotional, and  cognitive development. 

At Horseback Riding for the Mind, Body & Soul we have seen amazing advancement in confidence, love, appreciation, self confidence, being more social.....and it goes on. I love seeing the people who come to enjoy the horses here, but I also love seeing the beautiful faces of the parents or care givers who are so amazed at the relationship between their loved one and a horse. 

Thanks for taking the time. 

Amy Stewart
One who works beside and loves those who come here.