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Canopy Poles

canopy poles
  • the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
  • Cover or provide with a canopy
  • the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air
  • cover with a canopy
  • A long, slender, flexible rod of wood or fiberglass used by a competitor in pole-vaulting
  • (pole) punt: propel with a pole; "pole barges on the river"; "We went punting in Cambridge"
  • A wooden shaft fitted to the front of a cart or carriage drawn by animals and attached to their yokes or collars
  • (pole) a native or inhabitant of Poland
  • A long, slender, rounded piece of wood or metal, typically used with one end placed in the ground as a support for something
  • (pole) a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic
canopy poles - 20' X
20' X 40' Celina Pole Tent / Canopy Tent
20' X 40' Celina Pole Tent / Canopy Tent
Ideal for use in the backyard for birthday parties, BBQ's, family outings, tailgate parties, garage/yard sales, little league games, and so much more!!! This tent is very user friendly and versatile for its size. Provide 800 square feet of 100% shade for your next event. The tension cables allow this tent to be set up without the use of pin fasteners on the frame. This tent is manufactured to commercial grade quality specifications using 100% water proof and UV resistant 16 ounce laminate block out vinyl which is designed to last for years. This tent provides stability, elegance, and reliability at the same time and will give you piece of mind knowing that your next graduation party, backyard gathering, or family reunion is covered! DIMENSIONS/SIZE: 20' x 40' x 14' MATERIAL (TOP,POLES, HARDWARE): Solid white 16oz. block out tent top, 7' side poles(12), 14' center pole (3), 36" stakes(16), 2" Ratchet Buckles(16)

81% (12)
Alice de la Pole, Duchess of Suffolk
Alice de la Pole, Duchess of Suffolk
Ewelme is distinguished by it's unique surviving complex of medieval buildings, church, almshouses and school, all dating from the 1430s and all still functioning. The benefactors were William and Alice de la Pole, the Duke & Duchess of Suffolk who once had a palace nearby. Alice was also the grand-daughter of Geoffrey Chaucer, and lies buried under one of the finest medieval monuments in England in the church she rebuilt in 1432. The church of St Mary the Virgin in Ewelme is one of the most rewarding parish churches, the star attraction is the Duchess of Suffolk's splendid tomb, erected in 1475, under a canopy south of the altar. She lies in her earthly finery, but below is a memento mori, her cadaver effigy, viewed through openings beneath the row of shield-bearing angels on the tomb chest. The condition of the monument is exceptional, no small thanks to the doors having been locked to 17th century puritan vandals. There are other fine sculpured details around the church and a magnificent 15th century panelled ceiling to the south chapel, carved with angels. The east window here also contains a medley of 15th century stained glass fragments collected from various windows. Another outstanding feature is the font, also from 1475 which is dominated by it's angel-capped spire-like wooden cover, over 10ft high and raised by a pulley carved like a tudor rose.
Old Canopy Gas Station
Old Canopy Gas Station
This old gas station was seen on the White Pole Road taken 1/22/09. Minolta X7a Camera Minolta 50mm f1.7 lens Kodak Gold 100 film

canopy poles