Retractable Patio Awnings

retractable patio awnings
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retractable patio awnings - SunSetter -
SunSetter - SS-COV-14-S - Soffit Mount Retractable Patio Awning Cover - Off White - 14 ft.
SunSetter - SS-COV-14-S - Soffit Mount Retractable Patio Awning Cover - Off White - 14 ft.
Cover your SunSetterĀ® Motorized Retractable PRO Patio Awning with a SunSetterĀ® Retractable Patio Awning Cover and protect it from the elements year round. The SunSetterĀ® Retractable Patio Awning Cover is designed to fit only the SunSetter Motorized Retractable "PRO" Patio Awning. This cover will help keep your awning clean and protected year round. The cover is designed to extend the width of the assembly depending on the specific Sunsetter Pro awning model. The Sunsetter awning cover is designed to protect the motor assembly that holds the awning when closed. The cover does not extend out over the patio.

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Awnings Dallas, Texas TX
Awnings Dallas, Texas TX
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patio fire pit
patio fire pit
A ShadeTree Canopy adds flexibility and distinction to this patio.

retractable patio awnings
retractable patio awnings
Sunsetter Retractable Awning - Motorized Pro - 10ft. (Blue) (10' wide x 9' extension)
The blue Motorized Pro retractable awning instantly creates shade, protection and comfort anytime you want! With a touch of a button, the patio awing can make your deck as much as 20 degrees cooler, while guarding you, your family, and guests from harmful UV rays. This awning can also lower your home's air conditioning bill by shading windows from direct sunlight. This deck awning fits under eaves and overhangs as low as 7'6" and extends out 9' for instant shade. No vertical arms or braces to block your view, and the awning fabric is 100% waterproof! The aircraft quality aluminum arms won't rust or corrode, because of baked-on enamel cream colored finish. The awning canopy is made of 5-layers of Acrylic, Dacron and color pigmentation to provide ultimate resistance to fading, mildew, UV rays, and harsh weathering. The window awning can be installed on any kind of siding, including wood, masonry, brick, aluminum and vinyl. It simply plugs into any standard outlet, so no electrician is needed for installation! The quite, SOMFY motor is hidden inside the awning roller and crank override is included in case of a power outage. A handy remote control allows you to adjust your awning and unroll it in less than one minute! Plus, a built-in weather breaker (included) rolls down with ease to provide additional shade when the sun gets low or a breeze rolls in. Please Note: Because installation of the Motorized Pro retractable awning can be difficult, at least two able-bodied"