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Do It Yourself Awnings

do it yourself awnings
    it yourself
  • (It's Yourself) It's Yourself is a 1976 B-Side by the English progressive rock group Genesis, recorded during the sessions for "A Trick of the Tail", their first album after the departure of original lead singer Peter Gabriel.
  • (awning) A rooflike cover, usually of canvas, extended over or before any place as a shelter from the sun, rain, or wind; That part of the poop deck which is continued forward beyond the bulkhead of the cabin
  • A sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a storefront, window, doorway, or deck
  • (awning) a canopy made of canvas to shelter people or things from rain or sun
  • An awning or overhang is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. It is typically composed of canvas woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminium, iron or steel, possibly
do it yourself awnings - Sewing for
Sewing for the Home
Sewing for the Home
Whether you're looking to sew a few new pillows for your sofa or to decorate a bare room, Sewing for the Home is exactly what you need. Packed with instructions for more than 50 classic home decor items, this book is one that will be used for years to come. The book begins with the basics of sewing for your home, including information on fabric, fiber and color selections, sewing machine equipment and notions, timesaving tips and advice.The rest of the book is divided into four sections.1. Windows -- Offers a wide range of treatments, including tab top curtains, rod-pocket curtains, pinch-pleated drapes, and Roman shades.2. Pillows -- Covers forms and fillings, closures and cushions, and how-to's for many different pillow designs.3. Tables -- Includes instructions for a variety of tablecloths, placemats and cloth napkins.4. Bed & Bath -- Covers information on creating a new comforter, shams, dust ruffles and even shower curtains.'

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Up on the Catwalks (6-25-9) Part 1
Up on the Catwalks (6-25-9) Part 1
Rai Pawpad: "Heyah Pr...Jenny!" He looks relieved to see her. Jaina Lefevre grins as she comes up to him and reaches out to squeeze his hand. "Hiya." She hands him a bag with two wrapped tuna sandwiches, a milk and a puddin cup. "Brung you some food 'cause you were busy and I ate and slept." Rai Pawpad looks into the bag and grins. "I'm hungry, yeah." He pulls out a sandwich and stuffs as much into his mouth as will fit. Jaina Lefevre slides down and sits, back against the wall, out of easy sight from the street. "I talked to Miss 'lise. She didn't bite my face off or anything. She was real nice and said we could be on the catwalks, just not up high 'cause it's not real safe up there." Rai Pawpad can't smell her over the tuna fish, so he resorts to asking. "You okay? Not hurt at all?" He smiles around his mouthful of sandwich. "Really? We got permission? Excellent. Was always thinkin I was gonna get caught sometime." Jaina Lefevre shakes her head. "No new hurties. Just still get tired easy-ers. S'cause I'm healin' fast I guess. I eat lots more too. I had two sammiches and two puddin's and a milk /and/ a juice." Rai Pawpad reaches for the second sandwich. "I must be healin, too, then. " Jaina Lefevre grins. "You is a boy. You need lotsa food 'cause boys just eat lots. And you keep doin' patrols so you're always running." Nellie Meads: "Hey, people. Jaina Lefevre grins. "Hey Nellie." She brought Rai some food and is chatting and watching the street ...well, as far as she can see. Rai Pawpad nods, his mouthful, and lunges after a piece of crust that's broken off and fallen close to the edge. "Uh-huh. " He swallows. "You seen the Minister? I been lookin for her. Hey Cohort! " He holds out the bag. "You hungry? I got some stuff left." Jaina Lefevre: "Kimi was in the hideout for a bit with me and Nellie. I founded her a new dress and sweater. Thought she might like one what ain't got bloods on it." She looks at Nellie. "You find out what happened to the fight?" Nellie Meads: "We didn't find the guy but..... Nellie Meads pulls a small jar, full of clear fluid and 1/3 of the *ear*. "We got some alcohol and a jar so this wouldn't shrivel up." Rai Pawpad crouches down to get a better look. "Wow... that's like...a trophy." Jaina Lefevre: "That's kinda gross...and really cool at the same time. Warriors dry them up and put 'em on necklaces ya know." She grins at Nellie. "That'd make Sister D twitch." Nellie Meads holds it up, "I want it in a specimen a urine sample, you know?" Rai Pawpad nods and grins. "Yeah. Just don't break it, it's gonna smell." Jaina Lefevre: "Hope they don't try and clone the assbag from that. He's been killed lotsa times, they said. They just keep makin' more. Like cookie cutter ebil assbags." Nellie Meads: "That's funny, that's what Miss Artika said, he's got hundreds of ears." Jaina Lefevre blinks and stares at Nellie. "You gotta not play with her. She can make you sick and throwed up, okay?" Rai Pawpad is still trying to work out the hundreds of ears. It had looked like he only had two. He reaches for a pad to make a note of this. Jaina Lefevre leans over and looks down. "Hey...Frank! Up here! Come on up..." She doesn't look like all really. "You can see an ear in a spess'men jar!" Nellie Meads: "Who, Miss Artika? She was very nice, she gave me the jar and the alcohol." Jaina Lefevre: "Yeah, she's really nice..but she's the Crayon Lady." she says this at a whisper. "She's dain-jus. (dangerous)" Phoebe Scribe blinked and scanned up above her. She wasn't used to those above calling at her, figuring they were Catwalkers or something. "Uh. Not sposed ta be up there." She quickly identified one face of the kids and tried to get a better view of who all was up there. Jaina Lefevre: "Gots p'mission from Miss 'lise." Phoebe Scribe tilted her head from one side. "Well ya might, kit kat, but I sure don't. Hyoomans ain't 'llowed. I been told before." She looked around for anyone besides the kids. Rai Pawpad looks up. "The crayons make you sick?" This is worthy of another note. Jaina Lefevre leans over and looks up and down the street, then whispers. 'Psst...Frank..come up and we'll tell ya. Honest, it's safe." She lifts the hat and puts it back down. Nope, no ears. Phoebe Scribe widened her eyes and nodded, heading for the ramp. She held her finger up to indicate one minute, sprinting once she saw Ciro. Jaina Lefevre looks over at Phoebe and grins. "Hi Frank. You know Rai and Nellie? And I"m...Jenny." She grins at her, then mimes 'shhh" and lifts her goggles to show her eyes. Ne
The Garden Rooms Garden
The Garden Rooms Garden
Earth Designs Garden Design and Build were asked to created a landscape and propose garden design in Tonbridge, Victoria Park*. Here are the details of the project The Garden Rooms Garden in Tonbridge, Victoria Park E9 7LP The plot is a long, rectangular garden attached to an end-terrace basement flat recently acquired by the client It is an almost blank canvas, with the majority of the garden laid to (rather patchy) lawn The final 6 feet of the space is currently fenced off and contains a layer of earth and compost several feet thick The right hand boundary of the space is recently erected 6 ft fencing, whilst the left hand boundary is an old (but charismatic) 4 ft high brick wall The client desires a ‘clean, stylish and simple’ space in which to relax and entertain Would like the space to add value to the property Low maintenance and more privacy Client would like lighting and water to be included in the design The garden will be ‘zoned’ to create separate areas with different uses and levels. However, to help impart a sense of continuity and avoid the space becoming overly disparate, similar materials and styles will be used throughout The basement level walled area directly outside the back door will be extended back by 2.5 metres, with white rendered walls, a richly decked floor and deep benches and a table constructed from reclaimed railway sleepers. This area will be lit with soft ambient lighting. A major feature of this space will be a ‘sky path’ constructed of oak sleepers, which will run along the end wall to a width of 3 sleepers. As well as providing a modicum of protection from the elements to anyone sitting on the bench below, this walkway will provide access from the existing stairs on the right to the rest of the garden above, whilst allowing the largest area possible to the extension below. The basement courtyard will also be covered with retractable awnings to provide a little extra enclosure to the space when desired The existing staircase will be tiled with natural slate and will feature a plinth alcove to the right of the first landing, upon which a large potted plant or piece of sculpture could be placed. Bespoke mild steel railings running to the left of the railings, and continuing around the 2 other exposed edges of the basement courtyard, will give an introduction to the ‘weathered’ steel that will feature throughout the space. The small area of soil to the right of the stairs will be planted with evergreen black bamboo and deep maroon tulips. This dramatic planting will be contrasted with scented white evergreen clematis planted directly ahead as you emerge from the stairs The natural slate paving used on the stairs will be continued over the ‘sky path’, and up the middle of the garden. The slate will also be used to pave the area directly in front of the side entrance to the garden (a gate for this side entrance will be constructed. The slate pathway running down the middle of the garden will end at a sunken ‘conversation pit’ in the middle of the space. Raised ‘tanks’, constructed of railway sleepers and topped with living turf, will run either side of the slate path, finishing a metre before the conversation pit. Between the ‘grass tanks’ and the conversation pit will stand two 1 metre square copper planters containing two large architectural ‘Cordyline australis’, one on either side of the path. The size and height of these plants and planters will give the illusion of a canopy to the conversation pit and will also serve as a dramatic frame to the rest of the garden The conversation pit itself will be constructed on two levels to a depth of 3 feet, with white rendered block walls and decking seating and floors. A rim of slate tiles will run around the edge of the pit, bordering onto thin flush beds into which a mixture of deep plum phormiums, scented evergreen lavender and purple alliums. The area beyond the conversation pit running to the bottom of the garden will see a continuation of the slate pathway, flanked by railway sleeper raised beds on either side. These beds will be packed with a riot of purple and white planting coupled with spiky red cordylines, and lush evergreen shrubs. A stunning 'Magnolia grandiflora‘ will add height to the space, providing the most beautiful cream blooms during the Spring. The bottom of the garden will provide main focal points for the space, featuring a stunning 6 foot high rusted steel wall across the garden’s width. The highlight of this this wall will be a water feature comprised of 3 vertical railway sleepers inset in the middle with a copper water-spout. The spout will provide a waterfall effect, backlit from within the upright sleepers, into a narrow slate tiled pool below. A slate paved area, running the width of the garden between the raised beds and the pool, will provide an additional seating area in order to make the most of the afternoon sun within earshot of the sound of running water. Flush beds to either side of the

do it yourself awnings
do it yourself awnings
2x4basics 90164 Workbench and Shelving Storage System
Add your own lumber to make up to a 8' x 4' x 36" Workbench. No miter cuts required. The kit includes 4 workbench legs, 6 shelf links and assembly hardware. The sturdy 2x4 framing and advanced engineering makes the workbench stronger and more stable than other workbench kits. Each shelf will hold up to 1000 pounds. 6 strong shelf links are included in this kit. Shelf links can support spans up to 8 feet and up to 1000 pounds.

Create a work and storage space that truly fits your needs with Blitz's 2x4basics Workbench Assembly Kit. This innovative, do-it-yourself system lets you easily assemble a custom workbench in less than an hour. All you need is some plywood and 2x4s and you'll have a work bench that will meet all your project and storage requirements.

Use the included bonus ShelfLinks Kit
to add shelving to the top or sides
of your workbench. View larger.

Workbench Assembly Kit
At a Glance
Helps you build a customized workbench with a height of 36 inches
Assembles in less than one hour
Each shelf holds up to 1,000 pounds (400 kilograms)
Requires only straight, 90-degree cuts
Lifetime warranty

Completely Customizable, Easy-to-Assemble Workbench System
This do-it-yourself system lets you create a bench that's the exact size you want--up to 8 by 4 feet--by just adding lumber (not included). Assembly is incredibly easy, thanks to the included, easy-to-follow instructions and cut lists. All you need is a powered screwdriver and a saw--no other tools are necessary. For added convenience, only straight, 90-degree cuts are required--no miters or angles--and all the hardware you'll need is included in the kit. When assembly is completed, the work surface height will measure approximately 36 inches (90 centimeters).
Advanced Engineering Meets Strong, Durable Construction
Sturdy 2x4 framing and advanced engineering make this kit stronger and more stable than most other workbench solutions. In fact, each shelf will hold up to 1,000 pounds (400 kilograms). An added bonus, the materials are made of heavy-gauge resins and are impact- and solvent-resistant for long-term durability.
Versatile Design for Potting Benches, Custom Shelving, and Storage Options
With the Workbench Assembly Kit, you are no longer limited to a standard-sized potting bench--you can make a unit as small as 2 feet by 2 feet to use as a plant stand.
In addition, you can use the included bonus 2x4basics ShelfLinks Kit to add shelving to the top or sides of your custom workbench (additional ShelfLinks kits sold separately). You can build custom workbench and storage solutions for your dorm room, garage, basement, shed, or home. Custom shelving will also add valuable storage space that fits your project requirements.
What's in the Box
Four workbench legs, six ShelfLinks, assembly instructions, hardware, and warranty information.

Customize a work bench for any jobsite.
View larger.

Each shelf holds up to 1,000 pounds.
View larger.

Solvent resistant for long-term durability.
View larger.

Expand your shelving and storage with six included ShelfLinks. View larger.