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Canopy Carport Kits

canopy carport kits
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canopy carport kits - ShelterLogic Enclosure
ShelterLogic Enclosure Kit for Max AP 20ft.L x 10ft.W Canopy - Fits 55418 and 55420, Model# 25775
ShelterLogic Enclosure Kit for Max AP 20ft.L x 10ft.W Canopy - Fits 55418 and 55420, Model# 25775
Use the ShelterLogic Canopy Enclosure Kit to convert your 20 x 10ft. MaxAP canopy to a fully enclosed shelter. 3-layer ripstop UV-treated, waterproof poly fabric is great for SUVs, boats, commercial and industrial equipment, trucks, trailers and bulk storage. For use with Item#s 55418 and 55420 Max AP all-purpose canopies.

Images shown are representational only; canopy sold separately. Fits Canopy L x W (ft.): 20 x 10, Color: White, Material Type: Polyethylene, Material Thickness (oz. per sq. ft.): 5 oz. per sq. meter, Windows: No, Zippered Door: Yes, Fastener Type: Bungee, Fastening Hardware Included: Yes

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Carport Crack - Day 124/365
Carport Crack - Day 124/365
A friend once told me that my carport was a hillbilly garage. Yet, my lovely little car has been spared the fierce Las Vegas sun for four hillbillies is smart.
Redneck Carport
Redneck Carport
It's a carport without a car to be seen! To be fair it was trellised off and set up to be a backporch. So now it houses all of this.

canopy carport kits
canopy carport kits
ShelterLogic 10 x 20- Feet Canopy Enclosure Kit, Fits 2- Inch Frame, White (Side Panels Only Shelter Accessory)
10X20 White Canopy Enclosure Kit, Fits 2" Frame

Use your own canopy and this enclosure kit from ShelterLogic to create a fully enclosed shelter in less than 10 minutes. This 10 x 20-foot enclosure kit for 2-inch frames includes a back panel, two side walls, and a double-zippered door to create a shelter--just add your own top canopy. The easy-to-install, pre-fit wall panels go up fast with bungee fasteners.
The enclosure sections are made of the same triple-layer, rip-stop, woven polyethylene fabric material as ShelterLogic's most popular canopy. They're UV-treated inside and out with added fade blockers, anti-aging, antifungal agents so they'll withstand the elements for years to come. Its 50+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating blocks more than 98 percent of UV harmful rays.