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Overview (1 hour) O                    Half day (3 hours) H

Full day (6 hours) F                    Multiple day M#

Digital Storytelling Options for the Classroom

Storytelling has been a part of sharing for hundreds of years.  Much of what we know of historical events is due to the storytelling of our families.  Digital tools provide many options for teachers and students to share their stories.  Web-based, free or inexpensive applications will be shared and explored           O    H   F   M2

Google Applications for You and Your Classroom

Google provides several applications with their free account.  These applications can be used to create materials, develop forms to collect and publish information in very simple ways.  The applications can extend from personal to professional and collaborative uses.  (all 4 sessions M3)

  • Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Forms  H   F
  • Google Mail and Calendar  
  • Effective, Personalized Searches    
  • Google Sites/Picasaweb web creator/photo edit     H    F
  • all 4 sessions  M3     


Introduction to Blogs and Wikis

Understanding the purpose and target of blogs and wikis can help in determining which tool can best meet the learning needs of teachers and students.  Student-friendly, moderated blogging tools will be explored as well as reviewing established blogs and wikis.       O   H

Developing and Using Blogs for Learning

Blogs used by teachers and students provide a venue for sharing learning within the classroom, the school and the world. Options for creating student-friendly, moderated personal and classroom blogs will be explored and uses in learning shared.    O  H  F

Developing and Using Wikis for Learning

Wikis provide a place for students, teachers and community to develop and share learning resources.  Curriculum support materials can be created and edited using a wiki.  Education-friendly options for creating wikis and uses for wikis in learning will be shared.    O   H   F

Social Bookmarking with Delicious

Finding web sites that support curriculum and learning takes time and those valuable resources should be available whenever  they are needed.  When they are saved as favorites or bookmarks in a browser, they are tied to that computer.  Using a site like delicious provides access to those links from any internet-connected device and allows teams to share sites.  Organization of the links increases their usefulness and expands resources.       O   H

Personal Professional Learning Networks

Blogs, wikis, podcasts and other free web-based resources can become your source for always available professional learning. Often these options can qualify to meet Act 48 requirements.       O   H

Edmodo: Classroom Management and Collaboration

Edmodo is a free web-based social learning environment where teachers can create classes, share assignments, encourage collaboration and even assess learning in a safe, moderated community.  It is appropriate and effective for learners from early grades through high school and can also be a place to share learning with parents.    O   H    F   M2

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Posterous: A (free and easy) Place on the Web

Posterous is a free web-based application that provides a quick web/blog site that can display text, photos, audio or video.  Content (called posts) can be added by simply sending an email to posterous.  Moderation options make it an easy way to provide audiences for student learning.      O    H   F  

Library of Congress Online Resources

The Library of Congress has many online resources for educators.  This session provides an introduction to the resources and time to interact with the site and to develop a portfolio for classroom use.      O   H

Global Projects: Reaching Beyond the Classroom

Learning from peers in other states and countries expands the audience for all involved.  Global projects can be simple or involved and are available for most subject areas.  We will examine options for classroom participation and discuss ways to develop projects.    O   H


Voicethread is a web-based application that allows photos, text and audio to be combined to tell a story, share a poem, display artwork… the options are endless.  Voicethread is quick to learn and the availability of interactivity makes it engaging.  Free accounts as well as low cost options for teachers are available.     O   H   F

Other Topics

Please contact me if you have other technology-related topics, applications or implementations for which you need staff development assistance

Classroom Collaboration and Support

Arrangements can be made for collaborative work 

with classroom teachers to support their use 

of technology tools.  The collaborative work involves meeting with the teacher(s) to plan the activity and teaming with the teacher as the activity is conducted.

Workshop Fees:

Any printed material will be emailed to the contact person for printing by the hiring site prior to the session-printed material is minimal

                    Overview (1 hour)                             $75

                       Multiple overviews at same site:

                            up to 4 different or repeat sessions     $200

                    Half Day (3 hours)                             $200

                    Full Day (7 hours)                             $400  

                    Multiple day on same topic               $300/day

                    Classroom Collaboration/Support    Arrange

No travel charge for local (<50 miles) sessions. 

Travel for other sessions determined when session is scheduled

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