Welcome to the Night Below Campaign Journal.  Contained within these mysterious pages you'll find the adventures of a group of young heroes as they attempt to unravel a great evil that threatens the peace of the Nentir Vale, a borderland region far from the cradle of civilization. 

Loosely based on the TSR campaign Night Below by Carl Sargent in 1995, this campaign contains significant changes to bring it up to 4th edition as well as interspersed with additional 4e material from numerous sources.

Check here often for the latest updates to this web page.  Including the next game session dates and other items of interest. 

24Feb2011-  Chapter 11 is now posted.  Read it to get your blood boiling.  Next game date is the 5th of March..
15Jan2011-  I put Chapter 10 up.  Next game date is the 29th of January.
06Dec2010-  Chapter 9 is now up.  Our next game date is the 18th of December.  See you then.
08Nov2010-  Wow.  It's been quite a while, but Chapter 8 is now up.  I'll get started on Chapter 9 shortly.
21Aug2010-  Chapter 7:  The Marrowmaw Tribe is up.  The next dates we're playing is Aug 28th, Sep 11th and Oct 2nd. 
28Jul2010-  So I've updated the Characters section.  It's now the Hand of Six, the party's new name.  The party portraits are kick-ass (Thanks Dave) so check them out. 
27Jul2010-  Just added the Interlude.  This story describes how the characters fast-tracked to the paragon tier.
25Jun2010-  Next D&D date is July 10th.  I finished Chapter 6:  Secrets of the Abbey.  Still have to add the monsters to the menagerie though.  Chapter 7 should be arriving soon.  It's an important one as it will transition the characters to the paragon tier.
16Apr2010-  Next D&D date is May 8th.  Fixed the comments section, should be working again but let me know if it doesn't.
Added Chapter 5:  Gardmore Abbey.  Enjoy...
19Feb2010-  Next D&D dates are Febuary 20th and March 20th.  I'm getting some good feedback in the comments and have been moving them to the chapters as they come, so check it out.  If anyone wants to comment on characters themselves (ahem... Sacred Prostitutes) we can do that too.  See everyone tomorrow.
04Jan2010-  Happy New Year's!!!  Next D&D Session is January 23rd @ 2pm.
27Dec2009-  Chapter 2 is now up, along with new additions to the supporting cast.  Check it out!  I also added a comments section to this website so that you can leave a comment about something that you see.
20Nov2009-  Next D&D Session is December 19th @ 2pm.  See you all there.