4 Dimensional variables have time as the 4th dimension in addition with the three space dimensions.

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Chapter numberTitleLink
01.0 Linear Advection Equation  
02.0 Diffusion Equation (Heat Equation) Diffusion Equation 
03.0 Wave Equation  
04.0 Balance Equations  
05.0 Data Analysis Data Analysis 
06.0 Limitations of Richardson's Model   
07.0 Charney's Model  
08.0 Traditional methods of Data Assimilation  
08.1 Kalman filter Kalman filter 
09.0 3D var 3D var 
10.0 4D var 4D var 
10.1 cycled 4D-Var cycled 4D-Var 
11.1 Variational data assimilation variational data assimilation 
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