To Join 4CRA
Annual membership choices: 

Family membership:  $50.00                       
Membership (Individual):  $30.00
Student (24yrs old and younger): $20.00
Guest Pass:  $10.00

 You must be a member of 4CRA* and a member of either the NAR or TRA* to fly high power with us.   If you're just passing through you can fly with us by purchasing the "Guest Pass" for $10.00 per launch day.   Low power rocket enthusiasts are welcome to fly with us free.   
      *   This is a universal requirement at all high power launch sites.

Why an association?
1.  The primary reason that a high power rocketry associations form is to secure a place to fly.  All high power rocket flight must occur with FAA permission/clearance.    Therefore, rocketeers seek out a local club so that they can fly under their FAA waiver.

2.  Need help in the building of your rocket?  How much black powder should I use to eject my parachutes?  Are my tube fits too tight; will the parachute come out?  What about shear pins instead of friction fitting?  How to I track a rocket that completely flies outside of visual range and lands miles away?  Clubs are full of people that can lend a hand and share their expertise.

3.  To be able to share our successes with others is wonderful, but to call on the diagnostic skills of others when things go wrong is invaluable.

4.  The purchase power of any organization far exceeds that of the individual.   Combining rocket motor orders to make the hazmat fees smaller for everyone is a huge benefit.  With a hazmat fee of $28.00 tacked onto the base shipping charge, this alone, will pay for your club membership.

Club Officers
Pres. Stan English L1 NAR 10374, TRA 17477 /  505-716-7631
VP.   Patrick Bowers    L3CC NAR 95599, TRA 17391
Sec./Treas.   Jason Sledge   L2 NAR 104990 / 505-320-4997