To Join 4CRA

Membership, or a guest pass, is required to fly Mid or High-power rockets.   Low-power enthusiasts are welcome and fly for free.    

Annual Membership (Individual):  $50.00       

 (Membership is due on January 1st of each year... regardless of when you joined.   Non-payment, by January15th, results in being dropped from the 4CRA Facebook page. ) 

 Family annual Membership:  $60.00

Guest Pass:  $25.00/daily    

   For insurance purposes, all High-power participants must be a member of either the NAR or TRA to fly high power with us.  

National Association of Rocketry ( 

Home - Tripoli Rocketry Association 

         Research motors are allowed.   All Spark type motors are Strictly Prohibited.

Club Officers

NAR President:    Stan English L2 NAR103741, TRA17477 /  505-716-7631

Tripoli 4 Corners Prefect:   Patrick Bowers    L3CC NAR95599, TRA17391        Pay your dues at:     PayPal.Me