Lost and Found

Lost, Lost, and maybe Found?

June 2013 Launch   A MadCow Super DX3 was lost.   FOUND 02/27/2016 !!!! 

11/??/2015  A Wildman Patriot was lost.   Last spotted due east of our launch site about 1.3 miles out.  Please contact Luke Rowe if found. 

02/27/2016  The sustainer section of Luke Rowe's 54mm ToMach was lost.   It is blue in color.  Please contact Luke Rowe if found.

05/28/2016   A 29mm minimal diameter rocket was lost at RSK 53 during our 116ns contest.  Last seen heading towards Huerfanito.  The airframe is white with a red NC.  Contact Luke Rowe if found. 

Our club launches occur the first Saturday of every month (throughout the year) usually beginning at 8:30am during summer and as late as 10:00am during the winter months.  Check our Facebook page under "4 Corners Rocketry" for updates regarding launch dates/times... before making the trip out to attend a launch.
                                 If weather cancels the launch, our backup launch is scheduled the second Saturday of the month.