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Encouraging beekeepers through education and shared experiences to have healthier and longer lived honey bee colonies.

Who We Are

Four Corners Beekeepers was founded in 2009, and with 13 years behind us and 150 members we have a lot to offer. Our numbers are one of our strengths. We can offer services like bee and woodenware ordering at reduced prices, and keep our seminar costs to a minimum, so that everyone can afford to learn more about keeping our bees alive and healthy. With so many members, we have a lot of experience to share. We all learn faster when we don't have to make mistakes or discoveries all on our own. We have a great mentoring program, so that beginners can gain confidence more easily, and experienced beekeepers learn from seeing someone else's hives and bees. We host social events, and hands-on beekeeping workshops. There is so much more, join our group and take advantage of it all!

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