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Colorado Beekeeper Mentor Volunteer Program

posted Jan 19, 2017, 8:00 AM by Preston Fisher   [ updated Jan 19, 2019, 9:02 AM ]

The program is open to everyone, as long as you are willing to travel to Pagosa for the class sessions.  This program is being offered as part of a USDA sponsored program also being offered elsewhere in CO.


There are two different levels of attendance. 

  1. For those willing to commit to volunteering in the future, the 7-session course costs $120 total.  As part of the volunteering process, this application is more detailed.
  2. For those not willing to commit to volunteering in the future, the course costs $300.
  3. NOTE:  As a special offering for the 4CBA members (current membership required), Robin has also offered to allow a limited number of people to attend on a “Per session” basis.  This way you can step-in for one or two of the sessions that most interest you without signing up for the full course.  Folks interested in this option MUST RSVP ahead of time and must have an active 4CBA membership, and the cost will be $35 per session.  Space for this option will be limited and will vary from week to week.  RSVP’s will be accepted first-come-first-served.  I highlight this, because I know many of our members might particularly be interested in auditing the sessions taught by Tina.


The course will cover the following:

  • January 8 – Kurt Jones, another extension agent from eastern CO will cover “Understanding bees/bee management”.
  • January 15 – I am covering Beekeeping Equipment
  • January 22 – Tina is covering Working Bee Hives, Package Bees & Nucs, and Feeding Bees
  • January 29 – Robin Young and Tim Haarmann are covering Mountain Perennials and all about Pollination
  • February 5 – Tina is covering “Hive management, breaking down activities for each of the beekeeping seasons.  This will include honey harvest, etc.  Tina is also covering Queens.
  • February 12 – This whole class will be covering the Pathogens, Pests and Parasites of Honey Bees and how to manage them.
  • February 26 – Robin Young and Kurt Jones will cover the mentorship aspect of the program and train folks on some best practices for mentorship.

You can contact Robin Young for applications, or to request per session reservations.  "Young,Robin" <>