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True 3 Door Freezer

true 3 door freezer
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true 3 door freezer - True Ta
True Ta Spec Series 3-swing Door Reach-in Freezer, 85 Cubic Foot - TA3F-3S
True Ta Spec Series 3-swing Door Reach-in Freezer, 85 Cubic Foot - TA3F-3S
True ta spec series 3-swing door reach-in freezer, 85 cubic foot the true swing door reach-in freezers are designed with the highest quality materials and parts that provide colder temperatures, lower utility costs, and food safety. true uses 300 stainless steel, the finest available, for fewer scratches and dents. this refrigerator holds temperatures to -10°f for the best food preservation. the doors are self-closing with a 120° stay open feature and there is a lifetime guarantee on the door hinges and recessed door handle. the automatic defrost system is time-initiated and temperature-terminated to save energy. width: 76-1/2" depth: 34-5/8" height: 78-1/4" weight: 790 lbs 85 cubic feet 1-1/2 hp 11.4 amps 300 series stainless steel nsf-7 compliant ecomate insulation zero ozone depletion (odp), zero global warming potential (gwp) refrigeration system holds temperature at -10°f or less 3 self-closing doors 9 adjustable pvc coated shelves 120° stay open feature unit is pre-wired for 115/208-230/60 phase 20 amp outlet 5 year condenser warranty door lock standard made in the usa model #: ta3f-3s 862793

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OK, I did it!! Here are the 25 things!!
OK, I did it!!  Here are the 25 things!!
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To the Roof
To the Roof
A strange thing happened to me yesterday................. We had just finished the barrel of beer off.....(yes it had taken 3 days!!!!!). We were somewhat tipsy......and my friend decided that it would be a good idea to push one of his ice cream freezers home.....(you know the thing is about 5 ft long with pics of ice creams all over it!!). Anyway his place is about 20 mins away (when pushing a freezer down the street) off we went......The first thing that happened was a guy came up to us and told us his mother was in hospital and he needed the fare to get there.Well I'm a soft-touch when I 'm drunk (always ask me to lend you some money when I'm drunk!!!!hahahaha) so I pulled out all my loose change and gave it to him.......hahahahh He then disappeared into BurgerKing....(maybe that's where his mum was?)......anyway..............on we went.....!!! The second thing was that we got stopped by the traffic police......"drunk in charge of a freezer on the highway"'s true.....honest!!!!! I was laughing that much........I think they decided to let us go rather than kick us to death in the cells..... We got home safely....... and had a few more beers. So if you are ever in Alcudia and you see two drunken bums pushing a freezer down the street.....stop and say Hi............!!!!!!

true 3 door freezer
true 3 door freezer
True Reach-in Freezer W/ 3 Solid Doors - 85 Cu. Ft. - TG3F-3S
True reach-in freezer w/ 3 solid doors - 85 cu. ft. this reach-in freezer with 3 solid doors is designed with enduring quality that protects your long term investment. 300 series stainless steel doors and rainshield. anodized quality aluminum exterior sides, back and bottom. automatic defrost system time-initiated, temperature-terminated. saves energy consumption and provides shortest possible defrost cycle. entire cabinet structure and solid doors are foamed-in-place using ecomate. a new, innovative, high density, polyurethane insulation that has zero ozone depletion potential (odp) and zero global warming potential (gwp). designed using the highest quality materials and components to provide the user with colder product temperatures, lower utility costs and exceptional food safety. oversized, factory balanced, refrigeration system holds -10°f (-23.3°c) for the best in food preservation. ideal for frozen food and ice cream. adjustable, heavy duty pvc coated shelves. lifetime guaranteed recessed door handles. positive seal self-closing doors with 120°stay open feature (center door has 90°stay open feature). lifetime guaranteed door hinges. nsf approved, white aluminum interior sides and back liner. 300 series stainless steel door liner and floor with coved corners. model features: evaporator is epoxy coated to eliminate the potential of corrosion. exterior digital temperature display, available with either °f or °c. backguard improves airflow. minimum wattage heater in cabinet frame and door. nsf-4 compliant for open food product. capacity: 85 cu. ft. doors: 3 solid doors shelves: 9 hp: 1-1/2 amps: 11.4 model #:tg3f-3s 332610