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Commercial Cooler Freezer

commercial cooler freezer
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commercial cooler freezer - Zero Degrees
Zero Degrees InnerCool 24 Can No Ice Folding Cooler (Colors May Vary)
Zero Degrees InnerCool 24 Can No Ice Folding Cooler (Colors May Vary)
No ice needed with InnerCool Integrated cooling system coolers. The built in cooling system was compared to a regular cooler in the 6 can cooling version. A regular cooler and 6 can Zero Degrees InnerCool cooler were placed in a room at 72 degrees with six pre-chilled (40 degrees) soda cans inside. The temperature of the can was measured every hour for ten hours. The Zero Degrees cooler was consistently cooler by 10 degrees or more for over 10 hours staying close to the original 40 degree temperature. What makes InnerCool so cool is its specially engineered, extra layer of SuperCool gel. Your InnerCool cooler with the SuperCool gel layer can be frozen or refrigerated for awesome cooling power. The specially engineered layer allows the bag to be folded compactly and opened even when frozen. And InnerCool’s extra layer of SuperCool gel holds cold and keeps things colder, longer than other bag coolers.

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Dual Temp. Four Door Freezer
Dual Temp. Four Door Freezer
• Model : SVR-2D/4D-1108 • Power : 220 W • Capacity : 1000 ltrs. • Voltage : 320V / 50Hz • Dimensions : 1220 x 735 x 1950 mm • Remarks : Static Cooling • Dual Compressor.
Four Door Vertical Freezer
Four Door Vertical Freezer
• Model : SFDF 1044 • Capacity : 1000 ltr. • Temp. : -5 ~ -18° C • Size : 1220 x 765 x 1950 mm • Remark : Static / Fan Cooling. • Dual Compressor.

commercial cooler freezer