48 Glass Table Top

48 glass table top
    glass table
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My Studio: May 2, 2011 / Big Delivery from IKEA
My Studio: May 2, 2011 / Big Delivery from IKEA
I've got a bunch of things to build from IKEA: two small bookcases, two tables, a flat file and a very long black metal table with drawers and a black glass top. The second flat file is because I've already overloaded the one I bought a few months back and I just love having flat storage. NOTE: All of this big studio redo was begun on May 1st when Donna accidentally knocked over two 48 inch florescent light bulbs. They exploded and sent shards of glass powder over the entire studio. After three hours of cleaning, Donna having observed how much of the studio is still hodge-podge furniture going back as far as forty years, she dragged me down to IKEA where we bought all of this stuff. FURTHER NOTE: Donna was right on top of the lamps when they hit the concrete floor. She got chemical burns on both of her eyes and our opthamologist put ointment on them and bandaged both eyes for twenty-four hours. She's fine now, but it was very scary for her, to say the least. Conclusion: Handle florescent bulbs like they were TNT. What a mess!
oil drum table
oil drum table
Coffee table conversation piece. Made from an oil drum and hand crafted. Glass top. 16 inches high and the diameter is 271/2--I have a 48 inch square glass top for it (I think) or the piece on it now which is about 281/2 inches in diameter. Asking $450 obo

48 glass table top