4812  DOG.... 

Enjoy the photos.....

There are issues with the dog, and with the people that own the dog!

We are easy to get along with but this is reaching a breaking point. I am sure that you would not be amused if you were in Calgary and saw the 'Improvements' that are being made.

As I recall rule number one was... tie the dog up out back. Unfortunatly the dog has reached 'bedrock' in the back so they have started putting it in the front yard. Sorry the quality of pix is not better, it's the best I could do with the equipment available.

This picture does not really show the extent of the mining, so I took this picture instead.

The depth of the hole is about one foot. Right now there is a log and a piece of stone wedged under the fence. .

Based on its colour, stature, and shape, I am guessing that the dog is not from one of the 'nicer' breeds and will become a fairly large and powerful critter. The hole under the fence is big enough to allow 'monty' to get next door, luckily it is not big enough to allow the large dog next door to get out.

Jan is scared  of dogs from an experience she had as a child, and feels uncomfortable being outside with this current situation.

I beleive that 'the deal' with the dog was that IF it was going to be outside, it would be tied up at the back.

Obviously the 'strip mining' out back has persuded the owners to try putting the dog out front.

The hole is only about 6 inches deep and 2 feet long , but I am sure that the dog will fix that at his earliest convienience

Here is a fine shot of him 'getting started'

I am the first person to admit that I do not like 'Yardwork', I would much prefer to be sleeping, or doing something else. But, because it is part of life, and part of my lease, I get my lazy bones up on sundays and cut the lawn.

Unfortunatley that has been a bit of an issue for the last month. Someone, and I am guessing that it is the neighbours, used a chainsaw and cut down a big piece of tree. If it was dead, thats a good thing for them to do! Unfortunatly the same dead tree is now even deader in the backyard. And there seems to be no attempt to remove it.

 It is immposible to cut the lawn where the dead tree is. As a result we have grass that is 18 inches high. Here is another view

The other problem with the dog being put in the front, is that dogs need to occasionally take a crap! When the temperature rises, this causes a cerain ammount of smell, with the dog poo being about 6 feet from our window this leads to a pretty bad situation.

All in all this does not lead to a good situation. We are frustrated, we are angry. I think we have been very good tenants, we do not complain, and ask for very little from you.

It is apparent that our neighbours could care less about anything:

  • Lets make a huge amount of noise late at night when you have an argument.
  • Lets leave a young dog all by it's self all day so it can whine and bark
  • Lets lop off a large piece of tree because it is dead, and leave it in the yard for forever
  • Lets let the dog 'strip mine' and not fix it (holes in the back and a starter hole in the front)
  • Lets mess with Simons and Jans stuff and not ask first
  • Lets steal Jans green plant pot (which she had plans on) and use it in the front yard.
  • Lets leave dog crap around so we can smell it

 All in all it is not a good situation. I hope that we can resolve this.